Knowledge Of Everything In The Universe Is Within You If Only You’d Tap In To Your Own Supreme Circumstance

“Start living as if you don’t know how to live. Nobody is there to teach you, no guidelines exist. No books exist which say how to do this, how to do that. You are just left alone on an island. Everything is available: Intelligence is within you, instinct is within you, intellect is within you, intuition is within you. Now start moving.” – OSHO

Imagine you are the first human ever to walk the earth.

It’s just you and the planet. No one is around to teach you: how to live, how to think, how to eat, etc. There’s no books, instruction manuals or traditions to help show you the way. It’s just you, and your own divine mind.

It’s up to you to decide what’s “right” and “wrong”, what’s “good” or “bad”, what’s possible and what’s not possible, what’s necessary and what’s not necessary. All these things can be figured it out inside of yourself without the help of anyone else, I mean, didn’t the real first humans have to do this?

This type of thinking is critical for self-realization. You don’t know what you’re made of until you have to rely on yourself. Each moment requires you to dig deep within and calculate the circumstance for yourself. Each moment requires the full spectrum of your spiritual, physical and intellectual potential in order to properly analyze this “new world”. Each moment requires you to be ALIVE.

Many of us are “sleep” because we rely on everything outside of ourselves to do the thinking for us. We depend on religion to explain the mysteries of life as opposed to independently investigating the science ourselves. We depend on Western medicine to repair our bodies as opposed to investigating our own anatomy and using our discoveries to create self-regiments that are conducive to a long, healthy life. We depend on validation from a disfunctional society in order to validate our own knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

All of this psychological dependency on external sources tells the brain, “if we ain’t using it, lose it”. The biological resources normally used for analysis and critical thinking will be used for something else. In other words, your brain becomes “dead” or goes to “sleep”, while your body runs on the automatic programming from your subconscious mind.

You’d be surprised what type of obstacles you could overcome and what kind of heights you could reach if you came at life with the perspective of “It is my duty as the first human to explore my full potential and the full reality of this situation.” You become the trailblazer. You set new standards. You chart new courses. Your mind, body, and soul is fully engaged with the state of “living”. Most importantly, you define your own reality by yourself and for yourself.