The Sky Is The Limit If You Can Overcome Your Fears With Knowledge, Wisdom, And Understanding

Knowledge is the foundation of all things in existence.

Wisdom is acquired from the application of knowledge. In other words, putting that knowledge in motion manifests wisdom.

Understanding is the living manifestation of applied knowledge. True understanding brings peace in your mental universe, which directly impacts the entire physical universe as a whole.

It would appear that the average person does not have a foundation of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

The Information Age we live in gives us access to endless amounts of knowledge. However, few actually value knowledge. Fewer actually apply that knowledge, putting that knowledge in motion. Even less come to achieve understanding due to a lack of patience or lack of enthusiasm about learning.

When you don’t have a solid mental foundation your physical reality will reflect your incompetence. A lack of knowledge, wisdom and understanding allows fear to rule the mind. Critical thinking processes and systems will crumble into nothingnesses as each moment of your life is dominated by fear – the unrealistic expectation of danger or failure.

It most definitely appears that most people make a majority of their decisions based on fears, things they don’t want to happen.

This is in contrast to the mindset of a champion, whom bases a majority of decisions on things they want to make happen.

One mindset is defensive, the other is offensive. One is trying to prevent destruction, while the other is trying to create and manifest.

Fear is a natural response to danger. It is our brains way of helping us predict the development of danger and allow ourselves the other opportunity to create an “escape plan” in order to survive the situation.

However, when fear consumes your mind it’s as if you instantly downgrade your operating capacity.

Champions overcome their fears with knowledge of themselves and knowledge of their respective field, with repetitive training that programs reactions and reflexes into their nervous system, with intense simulations of “the real thing” (practice), and with a supreme understanding of the ‘game’ and how it’s supposed to be played.

Fear can be controlled and managed through training and preparation.

It’s up to you to make the effort to acquire knowledge and put it in motion long enough to gain understanding. Through this process you will be liberated from the eternal defensive struggle into more an offensive creative approach to life. You can build a mindset based around what you CAN do, versus what you can’t.