The Supreme Circumstance Of Melanated Athletes Like Sha’carri Richardson Inspires The World Time And Time Again

The absolute dominance of the melanated athlete is troublesome to the tragic system of white supremacy, yet those same athletes are the greatest inspiration and most powerful symbols of excellence to the rest of the world.

Allen Iverson, one of the most notable Basketball players of all time, at a certain point did not fit into the framework of what the NBA determined as a “model athlete” and he was often fined and suspended because of it. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali was the People’s Champ and “The Greatest Of All Time“, yet the systems which govern America often tried to defame his name and create circumstances to portray him as a villain. There was a time when even Michael Jordan was portrayed as villain because of his absolute dominance and confidence in his supreme circumstance. Now look, everyone wants to be like Mike. The list goes on and on with melanated athletes who maintain a supreme circumstance in their respective sport that get resistance from the “rule makers” and the “systems” that manage the events.

American Track & Field Sprinter Sha’carri Richardson is a recent example of this phenomena. Sha’carri solidified her position as the fastest woman in America at the U.S Olympic Trials with a 100-meter dash time of 10.86 seconds. Not only is she currently the fastest woman in America, but she manages to do so with flamboyant hair weaves and long decorated nails.

At this point Sha’carri Richardson might as well be a Super Hero to every young Melanated Mind in the Universe, even though she will no longer be able to participate in the Olympics because of marijuana found in her drug test – which they didn’t announce until AFTER she won the race. You know they had those results before she ever stepped foot on that track.

The point is, we know there was more to her disqualification than the results of that test. Sha’carri is a symbol of a supreme circumstance. The tragic system of white supremacy aches and groans at the sight of a Black Woman like Sha’carri demonstrating a high quality of excellence with such dramatic flair. All while in the face of tragedy and in the furnace of adversity. It was same thing when Michael Jordan jumped from the free throw line with his tongue out or when Muhammad Ali would instigate opponents with comical rhymes then make a fool out of them in the ring. It is the nature of melanated peoples to be “extra”, especially when we know we are winning and everyone is looking. This “dramatic flair” demonstrates the supreme circumstance of the Melanated Mind.

Despite all of the resistance, disqualifications, suspensions, fines, expulsions, and so-called “rules” that are designed to suppress a melanated human – we are the ones who continue to inspire the world.

Who doesn’t want to play Basketball like Michael Jordan. Have confidence and “float” like Muhammad Ali. Fight like Mike Tyson. Run like Usain Bolt. Play football like Barry Sanders & Walter Payton. Be a gymnast like Simon Biles. Play soccer like Pele’. Dominate Tennis like Venus and Serena. So on and so on.

Even after hundreds of years under violent oppression and systematic racism in America and around the world Melanated people have still given the world a standard of excellence to aspire to. We are the greatest, and “they” are definitely BIG MAD about it.