How Will You Play Your Cards? The Law Of Attraction Works Both Ways

It’s easy to feel like a supreme being, master of the universe, when everything is going good. When something we’ve been waiting for finally manifests according to our will we feel powerful indeed.

We say, “Aha! The law of attraction works!” We take pride in the fact that our subconscious mind worked overtime to bring that thing we desired into existence.

But what about when things go bad?

The law of attraction works both ways. We attract the good just as much as the bad.

Just like you attracted that new job, new significant other, or new opportunity you also attracted that car accident, losing your phone, or bankruptcy. People seem to only boast about the good they attract which leads people to focus one side of this paradigm.

In your journey to achieving a God or Goddess consciousness you must learn to take responsibility for the positive AND negative you attract. Every time something happens in your life it’s your job to know and understand what you did to inspire that manifestation. This requires a deep and sincere level of self reflection.

Most of the bad that we attract is rooted deep in our subconscious mind, far away from the everyday thoughts, pumping out chaos and dysfunction like broken oil pipes in the ocean. The problems you choose not to deal with will end up dealing with you. Our fears, insecurities, doubts, traumas, and pain will find a way to continuously manifests itself in our lives until we face those demons and make peace within ourselves.

Acknowledging your circumstance as a God means that you acknowledge you’re in complete control of your mind, body, and soul. It means you understand there is nothing outside of yourself that has total dominion over you. It means that you understand your mind is a supreme force that attracts what you put energy behind, (consciously or unconsciously) and that it’s your responsibility to control that energy in motion to manifest as you see fit.

Being a “God” is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. When you acknowledge your supreme disposition you can longer blame the external world for your reality. You must accept that everything, good or bad, that manifests in your world is the result of your thoughts and emotions. You and only you are in complete control of what happens in your universe.