I Am God: To “Fear The Lord” Means Respecting The Reality That Your Thoughts Will Become Things

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.”

Psalm 111:10, KJV

The Melanated Mind of the Original (Melanated) Man and Woman maintains a supreme circumstance as the True and Living God of the Universe. The mind, the consciousness, the imagination of “hue-manity” is the foundation of everything in existence. The “I Am” is God.

With that in mind, the Bible becomes a code book for the hidden processes and systems within Man and how to activate them. The “Lord” in the Bible is not an external entity that exists outside of yourself, it is YOU. More specifically, it is YOUR own mind.

You might ask: “If I am God then why should I fear the Lord?”. Well, fearing the Lord simply means respecting the power and circumstance of your own mind, as it is the foundation of all things. What you think will eventually manifest, one way or another.

If you choose not to “Fear The Lord” then you will allow all manner of self-destructive thought forms to take the wheel. Then, there is no gatekeeper stopping the self-destructive ideas from planting in your mind. Chaos and disorder will manifest in your life as a direct result of not being cautious about what ideas you energize.

Unfortunately, most people seem to have a difficult time grasping this concept of fearing the Lord because they can only analyze it from a religious framework. Before you can “Fear The Lord” you must understand the mental nature of the Universe. First, you must understand that EVERYTHING in the material world is the direct results of a Mind collapsing probability (infinite possibility) waves of the Universe into physical particles with a defined state. Then you will appreciate the circumstance of your mind and be obsessively cautious about what you think about and give your mental attention to.

This is what it means to “Fear The Lord”.

Fear how allowing negative thoughts to grow in your mind can birth terrible realities. Fear how your own self-doubt and negative self-talk will manifest into a less-than-spectacular reality for yourself – you will always lose. Fear how you could be missing out on living your best life if you absorb the low-vibrations of the common people of the world and get brought down to their level. Fear how your entire business or career could fall apart in a second if you stopped believing in yourself and maintaining a supreme circumstance in your mind. Fear the inevitable manifested effects of negative thinking, especially about yourself.

Respect the supreme circumstance of your mind.

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