Once You Master Self You Become A Supreme Ruler Of The Infinitely Expanding Universe

Cover Photo: Onipa

What does it mean to master yourself?

It means mastering your infinitely expanding equilibrium of energy in motion, subduing your animalistic nature, and maintaining a high vibration of consciousness regardless of external circumstances.

The “I Am” of Man is a microcosm of “The Mind of The All”. In other words, the seemingly independent consciousness of an individual human is a smaller replica of the larger consciousness system that pervades the Universe. This is how you Master the Universe when you master yourself.

Let’s take a few steps back first. Before any “Mastery of the Universe” happens you must have knowledge of self. How can you execute from a supreme circumstance if you can’t even perceive the existence of it? As KRS-One once said, “YOU MUST LEARN!”

Learn what? As a Melanated Mind it would be wise to learn a foundation of History before you dive deep into the mysteries of the Universe. Learn how about the entire is planet is filled with Melanated peoples, and how we have been on planet earth for millions of years. Learn how “hue-manity” can all be traced back to the Original Melanated Man and Woman. Learn how the Melanin in your body is a different form of the dark matter in the Universe. Learn the supreme circumstance of the mind, as it is the foundation of everything in existence.

Once you can perceive the knowledge then the REAL work can begin. Now you have a frame of reference to measure your current circumstance more accurately, as well as your progress. Having knowledge is one thing. Using it is another, especially using knowledge to evolve yourself from within.

As you continue on your journey of progressive evolution you will start to notice a foundation of peace increasing exponentially. This is because you are no longer a slave to your 5 senses (your animalistic nature), you are a master of it. Rather than be a victim of effects, you become a creator of causes. Sooner or later you realize that everything and everyone you once thought was your enemy are truly secondary to the enemy in your mind. If you are a microcosm of “The Mind of the All”, and NOTHING exists outside of “The Mind of the All”, the only real enemy is your own self-destructive thoughts.

As you master the self-destructive thoughts in your mind, you become of a master of the Universe. If you truly had knowledge of self, and have done the spiritual alchemy necessary to execute from a supreme circumstance, then that also means you will be in a perpetual creative mindset. Always creating and finding solutions, rather than always reacting and maintaining self-destructive thoughts.

Perceive the knowledge. Embrace the circumstance. Master yourself.

(Cover Photo: Damon Davis)