How To Use The Supreme Circumstance Of Your Mind To Manifest Anything In The Universe

When you realize that “The Universe is Mental,” and “The Mind is All” you then learn to view yourself as the projector of the projection. Eventually, you realize that you can manifest anything in the physical if you first change the vibration from within.

(The following is an excerpt of the 7 Supreme Lessons found in “The Book Of Tru”.)

What is God?

The “I Am” of the Original Man and Woman is the supreme creative force of the Universe. The Human Imagination is the Father of ALL in this mental Universe. God is a concept or word used to explain the supreme phenomena of the universal collective consciousness that created, maintains, and expands the Universe. The “Mind of the All”, The “Collective Consciousness”, is God. The ALL is in ALL so the independent conscious agent, the human imagination, maintains a supreme circumstance in the infinitely expanding Universe as God too. There is no mystery god in the sky that can not be seen with the physical eye, only the supreme circumstance of the universal collective consciousness of Melanated Minds materializing thoughts into matter through the vessel of the melanated body. The Universe is truly MENTAL and the mind is truly ALL. The Melanated Mind with Knowledge of Self and a culture founded upon understanding can produce unlimited power to build or destroy anything and everything, functioning as a True and Living God of the infinitely expanding Universe.

What is Melanin?

Melanin is the Black, transmutable, multidimensional, life-bringing, superconductive phenomena of the Universe that also functions as the vehicle for consciousness.

What is a Melanated Mind?

The human brain is not the mind, although the brain is the physical gateway to the mind while in a human experience. A non-physical mind can not technically be defined with a physical attribute such as the biochemical Melanin. The term “Melanated Mind” is intended to acknowledge that the foundation of just about everything in the physical Universe including the blackness in space is overwhelmingly drenched in the various forms of the biochemical Melanin and that phenomena is the direct result of the Universal Collective Consciousness, or the “I Am” of the Original Man and Woman, collapsing Quantum wave patterns into particles with defined states. The Universal Mind manifested a predominantly Melanated Universe, thus a “Universal Melanated Mind”, as the biochemical Melanin is a projection of an internal process or system within the mind of the Original Man and Woman.The brain of the Black Man and Woman is Melanated, meaning integrated with sufficient

levels of Melanin. Melanin can be found in the brain (most dense in the neocortex, the “new” brain of modern man), the brain stem and the spine. The pineal gland, the third eye, secretes Melanin into the brain which is an organic machine controlled by the mind. 

There is one universal collective mind, which is simultaneously infinitely expressed throughout the individual experience of all living things. As it is above, so it is below. The circumstance of reality is a reflection of the mind. The Melanated Mind is not a physical thing, it is an organizing force and order that arranges energy and matter, which are indeed the building blocks of life. The Melanated Mind, expressed through the Melanated brain of the Melanated body, always was and always will be. Melanin exists as knowledge or a foundational vibratory circumstance in the mental plane, rather than a physical biochemical. 

A Curious Melanated Mind is a portion of the collective mind striving to realize itself and continue the infinite expansion of the Universe.

How is a Human the Supreme Ruler of the Universe? 

The Melanated Mind is the foundation of all things in existence, Black People invented everything – agriculture, animal breeding, arts, architecture, astronomy, business and trade, cash and currency, ceramics, clothing, dance, economics, healthcare, housing, jewelry, mail, mathematics, medicine, metalworking, mining, music, pottery, science, shoes, spoken language, sports, technology and written language. All of this came from a Melanated Mind materializing ideas through a melanated human vessel (the physical body of the Black Man and Woman), not a mystery God in the sky. Even the Sun, Moon, and Stars – as well as everything else in nature – are but a projection of an internal process or system occurring within the Original Man and Woman.The Melanated body is an organic machine rooted in supreme mathematics. The reality of expiration for the human body does not change the supreme circumstance of the Melanated Mind that governs that body. All things in existence experience transmutation, changing from one state to another, it is the nature of the Universe. The expiration of the human body (death) is not the “end”, but rather a recycling of matter. All that comes from the earth returns to the earth. The human body, the flesh, comes from the earth. The mind did not come from the earth, it made the earth. Everything in existence was born from the ind. Nothing can exist outside of the mind. The Melanated Mind is the foundation of all things in existence. Therefore, nothing can exist outside of the Melanated Mind (the organizing force and order) of the Original Man and Woman, which is also the foundation of all forms of supreme mathematics that perpetuate the infinite expanding Universe. 

What is the God Frequency?

The God Frequency is a state of being where an individual is consciously interacting with and/or manipulating elements of the Universe at will. This “interaction” or “manipulation” directly influences reality, as can be perceived in the physical realm. The focused intents of the imagination – the divine creative mind – manifests itself in real time, in the real world. 

The God Frequency is a state of consciousness, a state of mind. However, this innate ability to “interact” or “manipulate” the energies and elements of the Universe is completely disabled while operating 

from a fear based, isolated, non-spiritual consciousness.

Is there one Supreme God above all other Gods, energies and forces? 

Just as one tree has many branches, all of the “Gods” are connected to one root, the universal collective consciousness. The individual conscious agent contains the ALL, a microcosm of the “Mind of the All”. The collective consciousness of the individual conscious agents make up the Universal Collective Consciousness, the infinitely expanding creative and organizing force of the Universe. The collective consciousness, as well as the “I Am” of Melanated Minds is the supreme force of the Universe. 

How can I use my power as God to consciously manipulate atoms and energies of the Universe at will to create a desired reality or result?

The current circumstance of everyone is a direct result of their state of consciousness. If you want to move from one physical state to another you must first move from one mental state to another. As you assume the reality you wish to see actually is happening, a magnetic force within you is dragging your “desired result” from the Quantum Universe of infinite possibilities directly to your being. Imagination plus belief moves mountains. The mind is the foundation of matter, so the only thing you need to do as God to change your physical reality is to change your mind. Your assumptions, beliefs, and perceptions determine the arrangement of atoms within this physical plane.


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