The Dark Side Of Becoming “Conscious”: It’s Lonely When You Are The Only Light In The Darkness

Illustration by Max Löffler

When you become aware of the inner workings of the world around you it can become overwhelming if you do not also have an adequate level of emotional intelligence.

It is not comfortable to be “woke” as they say. There is nothing fun about it, at least at first anyway.

Once you get past the history and start deep diving into the mysteries it is comparable to Alice in Wonderland, or Neo when he first got unplugged from the Matrix. You realize that everything that you based your core thought systems on was erroneous and that ultimately, you’ve been “sleep” this entire time. That is a lot for the mind to handle, especially as an adult with solidified belief systems. Shattering the illusions you’ve been trained to believe in is a gruesome and difficult process. It requires you to go “way down in the Jungle Deep” (your subconscious mind) and reprogram yourself with proper knowledge.

For some, this journey unleashes many unresolved traumas. You will notice that in order to activate your own “power” you must deal with anything in your mind that takes away your peace. That means any resentment, guilt, trauma, hurt, abandonment, etc. has to be faced before you can utilize the supreme circumstance of your mind.

This is the part where many fall off the wagon. This is what separates the people who wear “spirituality” as a costume and those who strive to actualize their circumstance as a GOD.

Every cause has an effect. There are consequences to enlightenment. When you become enlightened about the world you, from an occult perspective, and you recognize the mental foundation of all things humanity becomes boring.

While your family and friends are consumed in the folly of entertaining media, sports, video games, you are somewhere else pondering the sciences of self and the mysteries of the Universe. Small talk becomes a pet peeve. Worries about the ills of society are slowly drowned out by the understanding the we are infinite and immortal beings encapsulated within the hellish conditions of a crystallized circumstance. To be an eternal being stuck within a material framework with limits and conditions is hell. Once you realize, THIS is hell, you stop expecting it to be a heaven because you know the real heaven is born from the mind and that is where the treasure is eternal. Meanwhile, everything in our physical reality will die at some point or another.

The curious melanated minds that continue their journey realize they must be in the world, but not of it.

If your foundation is not solid, loneliness will devour your critical thinking skills and force you back into the redundancy of human society. Abandoning your spiritual development for your animalistic nature. The true occultist must master the beast within, becoming a master of causes rather than a victim of effects.

The path is not easy. Many will began the journey with fire and enthusiasm only to be swayed off the road into oblivion and madness.

I urge you to trust the process and in a true alchemical fashion transmute the undesirable vibrations and realities into desirable ones. Maintain your peace. Love yourself and have unrelenting faith there is always a series of events developing in the physical world that conform to the supreme circumstance of your mind.

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