If You Were Really “Conscious” You’d Be Manifesting Not Stressing

Cover Art: @kenallouis

Oftentimes when people come into a ‘higher consciousness’ there is a natural disconnect from the materialistic society we live in. Luxury items and the guilty pleasures of the world seem less interesting or desirable everyday.

This is not a bad thing, at all. The problem comes in when people choose to avoid the acquisition of resources all together, and then try to hold some righteous frustration towards others whom ‘secured the bag’.

Of course the United States monetary system is a scam, our cash is relatively ‘worthless’, and in a society aligned with the natural laws of the nature and the universe there is no need for money.

However, most of us are not in a society aligned with nature and the laws of the universe. In order to exist comfortably, perhaps even thrive here, we need money and resources. To be without is to be absolutely and completely subjected to begging for resources, and permanently reliant on the goodwill of others to provide the basic requirements for human life.

So if we have to exist within this melanated shell here in a 3 dimensional physical reality, should we do it begging or ballin’? I mean, if we are “gods” and a “chosen people” then why should we be satisfied living without an abundance of resources and opportunities?

We are built for abundance, not poverty.

If we are “woke”, that means we should be conscious of our own divine abilities to manifest abundance in this reality, unlike someone who is “sleep” that is still ignorant to who they are and what they can do. If you know so much about your great black history, your ancestors, your melanin magic, prove it then.

Were the great ones you admire from ancient times “poor”? Or were they distinguished people of at least moderate wealth if not absolute royalty?

Being “woke” should give you a conscious and cognitive disposition over the rest of the “sleep” people. If you’re truly “woke”, your life would reflect the abundance of your mindset.

In other words, if you truly had knowledge of self and the universe you’d be too busy manifesting to stress about anything.

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