The 5 Stages Of Realizing The Supreme Circumstance Of Your Own Mind

Illustration by IG: @4ideben

Realizing the supreme circumstance of your mind is a process of self-development. There are levels and stages of development. At first you can only perceive the information, in the end you completely live it out. The process of self realization could be broken down into 5 stages, or steps.

1. Develop your mind so that at first you can perceive the true value and nature of yourself. This means understanding your biology, your anatomy, the circumstance of your mind. Once you can perceive this, it must evolve into a state of “knowing”. Then, your knowledge of self can be utilized effectively.

2. Strive to master the animal nature of the human condition. This means, “master the beast within”. The melanated shell we live in while we are in this earthly experience is a slave to sensory stimulation. While functioning in a lower consciousness, the five senses of the human body become the ruler and master of our existence. If you don’t tame your own animal nature you will become a slave to your senses, and this would be a powerful tool for your enemies. As they will have you wondering to and fro, controlling the trajectory of your existence by maintaining a particular system of stimulation that you are bound to conform to.

3. Start to recognize and acknowledge the “invisible” things around you. Become acquainted with the spiritual realm, the mental foundation of all things in the physical (visible) reality. Train yourself to detect energies, and the vibration of those energies. Develop the ability to detect without absorbing or reacting. Realize yourself as the self-sustaining calm in the midst of the chaos in the darkness. Although after a while the “chaos” of the spiritual realm, the mental realm, the darkness, the invisible realm, seems rather organized and not really “dark” at all.

4. Discover the mental causes of every earthly manifestation. If the Universe is MENTAL and the MIND is ALL, it would be wise to be familiar with the mental foundations and how they developed into earthly realizations. Doing this grants you much wisdom in regards to the actual system and process of manifestation. This is how you become a master of causes, whereas the masses are unaware of the mental foundation of all things and are bound to a reactionary circumstance. When you understand the nature of the mental reality, you will have the knowledge and power to utilize the supreme circumstance of your mind with accuracy and efficiency.

5. Use your knowledge and evolved circumstance to be a light unto those who desire to vibrate higher and those whom you love. The supreme science of manifestation and creation are for the curious minds that have a sincere passion for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Yet, you will find yourself in positions where you can use your evolved circumstance to help those you love, who may not have the slightest idea about the true nature of themselves nor the world they live in. What’s the point of elevating yourself to a supreme circumstance if you won’t use that power to uplift and empower the people you love the most? With power comes responsibility.