Indigenous African Spiritual Practices Inspired The Major Religions Around The World

“There can be no doubt that “Western Religions” is a misnomer of the “nth” degree. It is as racist as it sounds. “Western Religions,” like “Greek Philosophy,” cannot escape its indigenous African origin, and the inheritors of their African origin – presently indigenous Africans and their descendants in the Caribeans, the Americas, Europe, and elsewhere.”

Dr. Ben-Jochannan, African Origins of the Major Western Religions

The world’s most popular and influential religions were inspired by ancient indigenous African spiritual practices. When you examine the history and characteristics of these major religions you’ll quickly see that “there is nothing new under the sun”. Before Christianity, Judaism, and Islam there was indigenous spiritual practices dubbed as Voodoo, Witchcraft, Black Magic and other titles.

Dr. Ben-Jochannan – a premier researcher, author, and lecturer – spent over 50 years of his life emphasizing the global contributions of Africans. One of the most dynamic contributions Africans gave the world was spiritual practices and concepts that later became the major religions of the world.

In the words of Dr. Ben in his classic work African Origins of the Major Western Religions:

The role of Africans (sometimes called “Negroes, Bantus, Pygmies, Hottentots, Bushmen, Niggers” and a host of other such degrading terminologies) and their descendants in the field of religion, as in all other areas of human endeavour, is too often ignored, and in too many cases, completely denied.

He goes on to say, “If what has been said so far could become common knowledge, the general public would have no difficulty in recognizing that much of what they read in their Torah (Jewish Holy Book or Five Books of Moses), Christian Holy Bible (any version – Roman Catholic or Protestant and Christian Scientist) and Moslem (Muslim) Koran or Quran, would be conceded to be of African origin, as well as Asian, and adopted later by Europeans and European-Americans before they arrived in the Americas – the “New World.” But as long as racism remains the basis upon which these religions are taught, rejection of the indigenous African and Asian peoples’ contribution to them shall continue to be camouflaged into the authorship of those who did least to start them, but most to continue them as their own exclusive domain.

I’ll summarize a few more components of his overwhelming argument about Major Western Religions having African origins:

  • The concept of a “spirit world” can be found in most “traditionally indigenous African religions”, especially before exposure to the Caucasian/European colonization of indigenous territories.
  • The concept of “good” and “evil” spirits, ancestors, and omens are found in most traditionally indigenous African religions. ‘Western Religions’ explain this phenomena with terms like “angels” or “demons”.
  • Moses of the Bible (as well as everyone else) was no doubt an indigenous African man.
  • Sacrificial Drinking (libations) was apart of ancient indigenous spiritual practices and still is practiced by traditionally indigenous ‘religions’. Christians drink wine for the Holy Communion and Jewish Rabbi’s drink wine on the sabbath. 
  • Elements of voodoo can be seen in the black church. Despite the de-culturalization of indigenous minds by european colonizers, there remains an unconscious reflex to spiritual stimulation by way of chants, distinct tones, harmonies and rhythms (music).
  • The 10 Commandments is originally from the “Book of the Dead”, The Hymn of Adoration to the God Osiris – ‘Negative Confessions’, 125th ch.
  • Osiris was one, of many, to be considered to be the “one true god” thousands of years be Christianity existed.
  • The book of proverbs in the Bible was not written by Solomon, they are from the teachings – collection of poetry and songs – of “Amen-em-ope” (Pharoah/King)

In other words, according to Dr. Ben, – Christianity, Judaism and Islam all stem from the original spiritual systems of indigenous minds from the continent of Africa. Indigenous African minds have always been in tune with the full spectrum or balance of the human physical/spiritual relationship.

That is until “new” religions were forced upon indigenous minds and to some, the ancient knowledge became a distant memory. Replaced by belief systems that encourage subservience to undeserving persons while justifying the enslavement of indigenous minds. The ancient spiritual practices and understandings of indigenous minds were transformed into a tool to disconnect us and enslave us, rather than connect us and empower us, as the original science was intended to.