The Ancient Secret of Sevens: Alchemical Elements, Days of the Week, and Visible Planets

As written in “The Book Of Tru”, everything found naturally in the universe is an external projection of an internal process within the original man or woman.

This is why obtain knowledge of self is so critical. When you KNOW that your mind is the foundation of all things in existence you begin to see yourself as the projector, creating the projection (physical reality).

When you can finally embrace that understanding, you can see how every part of you relates to everything in the Universe. Yes, this even includes the days of the week. They Kybalion talks about “the secrets of the seven”. There is obviously more than one interpration of this wisdom, as with all esoteric breakdowns. There are the 7 Universal Principles.

An article from explains: “In the Abrahamic religious tradition, number 7 has unparalleled importance, only surpassed by number 1 reserved for God himself. It appears hundreds of times in the Hebrew Bible, and together with numbers 3, 10, and 12 belongs to the select group of numbers representing the accomplishment of some perfections.

However, number 7 had crucial importance within the religious and the sacred, well before the Hebrew Bible writing. Notorious examples abound, all along with the geographical dispersion of the Kurgan culture (4000 BC) to the Far East, India, Mesopotamia, and Western Europe.

It is, though, surprising that a precise and concrete definition of its deepest meaning has been a well-kept secret. In stark contrast, vague and empty statements have become as abundant as everyone’s guess. One of the few concrete uses of number 7 was in Egypt, where it served as the basis for the definition of the royal cubit, the unit of measure for the construction of “almost everything.””

There is plenty to talk about in regards to the esoteric value of the number 7. However, I personally believe that many melanated minds are NOT aware of the “secret” about the relationship of yourself and the 7 days in a week. So here is some information that might inspire some enlightenment as well as a fiery desire for further research.

A brilliant post by @jain108academy on Instagram explains:

“Have you ever wondered why the 7 Days of the Week appear in a certain order? First of all, our ancient seers knew the speed of the 7 visible planets, because they arranged them in the shape of a Heptagon or 7-sided polygon shape. Start with the Moon, which appears to move the fastest, and move upwards and towards the left to Mercury then Venus, then Sun, then Mars, then Jupiter and then Saturn.

To get the order of the Days of the Week that we all know, again starting with Monday the Moon, travel upwards towards your right to get to Tuesday Mars and viola, you create the 7-Pointed Star or Heptagram.

That is why each day of the week corresponds to a planetary energy:

The Moon (Monday), Mars (Tuesday), Mercury (Wednesday), Jupiter (Thursday), Venus (Friday), Saturn (Saturday), the Sun (Sunday).

Then there is more science to this cosmogram: Our Alchemist forbears even knew the Atomic Numbers (AN) and therefore the Atomic Weight of the metals that correspond to each planet according to this pattern of the days of the week, to form another form of the Heptagram Star. Start with the lightest one: Iron (AN=26, relating to Mars and Tuesday, aka Fe, = Atomic Weight of 56) … then finally Lead (AN=82 = Saturn = Saturday = Atomic Weight of 207 aka Pb). Another Heptagon appears when we consider the electrical conductivity sequence around the outside starting with lead.

The orbital motion of the planet correlates in sequence with its corresponding metal’s conductivity. The slower a planet moves, the less able its corresponding metal is to conduct electricity!

In the Kybalion (A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece by 3 Initiates), it says: “The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open.”

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