Your Mind Is The Foundation Of All Things, You Are NOT The “Underdog”

Overall it seems we don’t really feel too secure or confident in ourselves as the “G.O.D”, (Generator, Operator, Destroyer) some of us claim to be.

Hell some of you don’t claim to be anything of even mild value or royalty.

Why not? Did Jesus tell your ass to be ‘meek and humble’? Is that why being a coward is socially accepted as the standard state of consciousness for a “righteous” melanated mind? Think about it. You constantly deny yourself to be ‘meek and humble’ for your ‘earthly masters’.

I don’t have to tell you what’s it like to be a Black Man or Woman in America, or anywhere else for that matter where the system of white supremacy influences every avenue of daily life.

You know the rage you feel in your soul that’s so ferocious it could only be powered by the collective energy of millions of ancestors’s human experiences still living within your genetic code, yet if a white police officer were to beat a little black girl to death in front of your eyes chances are the most you would do (as well as other witnesses) is yell, maybe cry and pull out your cell phone to record. It might sound harsh but it’s true. This is the results of mind control.

We have been programmed (through hundreds of years of generational trauma beginning during the slave trades) to be ‘meek and humble’ to white authority to the point our fear of them holds us down a lot more than those chains ever could, and I’m not saying that lightly or sarcastically. I guess like they say, the chains are on our minds now. These mental chains have gave us a subservient consciousness.

Stop thinking like the “underdog”. This is the only reason why it “seems” we are losing. By not knowing who or what we really are we submit to this reactionary slave version of ourselves created by white society, never realizing that what lies within us is the very essence that created and expands the universe.

You are the original. The founders and the makers. Why do you think they are so “fearful for their lives” when it comes to us? Even if they can’t breakdown the science their unconscious mind knows the deal. We are physical manifestations of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe. This world belongs to melanated minds. Everything of supreme value that manifested on planet earth originated from the consciousness of melanated minds (check your history books).

In other words, everything man made that really makes you say “wow, aliens must have did that” came from the consciousness of a melanated mind. You have all the soul. You have all the “Juice”. So why do you still behave like a underdog?

There’s nothing more dangerous in all the universes and multi-dimensions then a conscious melanated mind that can vibrate stronger than the environment it occupies thereby manipulating elements of the universe at will, manifesting thoughts into this 3 dimensional reality perhaps faster then light itself.

You can’t do ANY of that with a fearful ‘slave’ mindset, with a “I’m just happy to be alive” mindset. This is our universe, if somethings needs changed or fixed we have the biological predisposition to consciously manipulate elements of the universe at will to make it how we see fit.

There’s nothing we should be afraid of.

There’s nothing we can’t do.


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