How Studying The Supreme Lessons From The Nation Of Gods And Earths Led Me To Occult Science

The journey of knowledge is never ending. There are endless levels of understanding. I take pride in never being stagnant in my learning, adding on continuously. This is the only way to evolve self.

In this era of technology where the past can be relived through digital media, it would seem many melanated minds become trapped in the bowels of nostalgia, rather than pursuing the evolution of thought.

There were many building blocks to my journey of knowledge, and the supreme lessons were and are a major building block for me. The Nation of Gods and Earths are the very first people I’ve heard speak about the supreme circumstance of the Black Man, how the Black Man is a GOD. Never before had I seen universal knowledge organized in such a supreme fashion. Never before had I seen a culture that promoted the circumstance and potential of the Black Man to that level. Honestly, the first time I saw the lessons, it was love at first site. My first thought was, where can I sign up? I mean, what Black Man seeking knowledge of self wouldn’t want to be a part of something as beautiful as the Nation of Gods and Earths? Most of the leaders in the Hip-Hop industry, at least the old school cats, had knowledge of self. Also, being familiar with the Nation of Islam and a student of Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, joining the Nation of Gods and Earths would be the obvious next step in the evolutionary chain.

It wasn’t until I actually reached out to a few of the GODS that my perception changed. I realized that these men in the Nation, at least the ones I talked to, were not as sincere as I had once assumed. Obviously this does not apply to everyone in the Nation, because I recognize there are GODS out there who are true through and through – standing on their square until death. I never personally met those “true” individuals so I must speak from my experience. Every member of the Nation I came across did not meet the expectation of a “True and Living God”. What I mean is – they may have memorized the lessons, or had enthusiasm about the lessons and being God, some even had the persona and apparel. Yet, none of that power manifested itself in real life, in real time. The projection was phenomenal, yet it was obvious there was little internalization of that knowledge. They knew how to talk about being God, but failed to demonstrate that power in a recognizable way or break down the sciences outside of the parameters of the lessons. It was only in this heartbreaking moment that I realized I would never find the “whole truth” in any one organization or culture. I realized I can not “follow” anyone into Universal Enlightenment. I realized I would have to extrapolate knowledge wherever it can be found, do the math on it myself, and utilize it myself for powerfully productive purposes. The journey of self-evolution is a lonely road. My experience with the Nation could have been different perhaps if I was exposed to more of the “Older Gods” or if lived in the New York area where the culture is more present.

Even so, I feel eventually I would’ve found myself stuck at a plateau where I would want to add on but the culture would reject my petition and stay in the infinite loop of nostalgia of how things use to be. Even so, it was clear the knowledge in the lessons would lead to something greater, but I would have to discover it by myself, for myself. Beyond the supreme vocabulary and the nostalgia was a message, a secret. The creators knew the secret and tried to share it, but I had to know what they knew so maybe one day I could create something useful for myself and my people that would have an everlasting powerful impact in our universe, in this time.

You remember what Frank Lucas did in American Gangster? Cut out the middle man, and went straight to the source. At some point I realized that Elijah Muhammad, Clarence 13X, Noble Drew Ali, and other foundational Black Thought Leaders had in common is that they all knew Occult Science – the mysteries of self and the universe. How they learned it is up for debate, but nonetheless, they had supreme knowledge about the mind, energy, anatomy, nature and the universe. It became clear they were all students of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery System where melanated scientists and priest discovered and utilize the sciences of self and the universe for powerfully productive purposes. Ancient esoteric knowledge was the source of the supreme lessons. The problem was translating this information to the masses of black people who at the time of their debut were unable to grasp such advanced concepts. In order for that supreme knowledge to be utilized by the average man, it had to broken down so simple a child could understand it.

So rather than accept the lessons as the ultimate truth, I learned to view them the same way Frank Lucas viewed the cut up dope he was getting at the beginning. Sure, it’s good dope, but it’s not pure. My hunger for knowledge is so insatiable that I need that uncut, straight from the plug. Occult Science is the plug.

The Supreme Mathematics, The Supreme Alphabet, The 12 Jewels, The 120 Lessons are extremely valuable and should be learned and understood by every melanated mind in the Universe. However, the journey should not end there. The rabbit hole goes much deeper if you can have the courage to get passed the nostalgia of the Nation, and really get down to the science of self and the universe. There is much more to add on and discover. Are we going to relive the past forever? When will breach the surface with new discoveries and systems for enlightenment? The men we idolized the most took what information they had to make something NEW, to make something born, which many still follow to this day as law. At the time it was blasphemous, but then others began to see the light and the value. I love the value that the lessons brought to me, and I have tremendous respect for those who “sincerely love Allah’s mathematics”. I personally chose to see what is beyond the horizon, how I can add on, how I can create an impact that is as powerful the impact of the foundational leaders we adore the most.

After we develop our foundation, we must add on to the cypher, or all of this “progress” we’ve made was for nothing.

To be clear, this article is not meant to destroy, but rather to build. Be apart of whatever you see fit, after all you are God. I’m simply sharing how being exposed the supreme lessons of the Nation of Gods and Earths inspired me to investigate further. I am not in the Nation or any other organization, but I am a student of universal knowledge. Learning the science of how “The Black Man is God” led me to discover how the Melanated Mind is the foundation of all things in existence. I combined knowledge from ALL sources, a lifetime of learning, to build something new. I built my foundation, and I’m adding on to the cypher, the collective consciousness.

Now I identify as a GOD without the limitations of any organization. That’s the point right? To get knowledge of self and expand your own Universe? All things must change. Either you are part of the change, or resisting it.