The Universal Melanated Mind: The Collective Consciousness Of Humanity Has African Origins

(Cover Photo: Robert Mugge/Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise)

What we call matter, at its essence is simply condensed light. Light, and it’s various colors and formations are generated by vibrations. Quantum physics would suggest those vibrations are the result of consciousness within an observer. Thus leading one to realize the supreme circumstance of the mind, not just for the individual, but for the entire universe.

When you look at this on a larger scale, you can see how the entire physical universe is a manifestation of the collective consciousness of humanity. This collective consciousness has African origins, seeing how humanity (and its accompanied consciousness) is known to begin on the African continent. It is indisputable that the first human beings on planet earth were melanated people. “Hue-mans”. People with hue, with color, with melanin are the Original humans. The Black Man & Woman who migrated to every part of the planet over the course of millions of years creating the vast diversity of races we see today are the progenitors of the human family.

So if the human family and the human consciousness began in Africa, that means the collective conscious and unconscious is undoubtedly African in its foundation.

In other words, as written in The Book Of Tru, the Melanated Mind is the foundation of all things in existence. The Mind of the Black Man & Woman maintains a supreme circumstance in the infinitely expanding Universe.

In the first chapter of Our African Unconscious Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum writes:

As the African stock moved out of Africa, it spread to different parts of the world…These branches in various combinations along with climactic influences produced the various of humanity. However, underneath these surface phenotypical structures, there is a deep structure that is genetically rooted, a shared racial and collective unconscious that lives even within the European peoples who also are of this African stock. The same is true of Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

The impact of this is to be seen in our collective and shared unconscious gave rise to civilization in Africa and spread up through Europe and also over through Asia. Like the human embryo itself, unfolding from the neural crest, civilization in its earliest hours unfolded from a dark a creative synthesis of life forces along the umbilical Nile River, then moved along a dark line that, over time, evolved into discrete organs, trading centers, and functional cities, and eventually became interconnected over great distances… We are all connected intimately – neurologically, embryologically, historically, and by the way of the collective unconscious – to the same shared family. It is from the first generative minds of humanity that our first theories of consciousness, energy, and disciplined attention arose.

…This we have refferred to as the African unconscious. It is the substrata out of which all human variations of consciousness have unfolded. It is in essence the collective unconscious of humanity – the ideational and experiential inheritance and template of the entire hominid line arching back beyond even Homo habilis to the first adventures out of the trees on the edge of the savannas. Humanity originated in African and did not leave African until a relatively short time ago, from an evolutionary perspective. Humankind is essentially and African species. It is African in developmental consciousness at its deepest levels.”

The collective mind of the Black Man & Woman is the foundation of the physical universe as well as the root and core of the collective consciousness of Humanity.