The Agony Of Enlightenment: The Spiritual Dilemma Of Being A Light In The Darkness

Cover Art: Theo Croker (BLK2LIFE)

Becoming and being enlightened can be an awful scenario when it feels all of your attempts to share that light are in vain. As many would fall victim to the ego from obtaining a circumstance of “enlightenment”, there are many others who see their supreme circumstance as an opportunity to share and build with others. Nonetheless, it is quite a spiritual dilemma being a light in the darkness. Especially when you are someone trying to build amongst the low vibrations of “The Walking Dead”.

I am one of those people who strives to utilize the supreme circumstance of my mind for powerfully productive purposes, especially to share and build with others.

Although I must confess, the enthusiasm of sharing new discoveries with the living dead amongst us has drifted off in to the boundaries of oblivion. There was a time I felt it was my responsibility to raise the consciousness of those around me. If I discovered some powerful information that added to my thought system or changed my life, I felt obligated to share that data with everyone around me, all the time. It seemed like common sense.

As the years go by I see the old saying is true, “you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” 

In the world we live in, knowledge is only desired if it leads to a financial increase. You go to school to get good grades, for the primary purpose of increasing your potential of landing a good job. Or if you are on a job, you may learn some new skills that lead to a financial increase. The entrepreneur even focuses his educational curriculum around the culture of the business, for the purposes of improving the business, which would in turn lead to a financial increase. There is nothing wrong seeking knowledge with the intention of creating opportunities that lead to a financial increase. After all, we need money to function in society. The point I’m making is that most people (at least in America) fit into this category, which leads to an entire society of individuals only having knowledge related their occupation or business. How can a society be successful if most of its participants are ignorant about the nature of themselves and the world around them? Knowledge of self and the universe does not necessarily lead to a financial increase, therefore it is rejected and sometimes despised. The average person is not even the slightest bit interested the correspondence between their human cells and atoms. Or how their consciousness collapses the infinite quantum waves of the universe into particles with defined states, which creates reality as we know it. If only they could grasp the beautiful magnificence of their being then they would realize that all the riches of the universe are submerged in their essence.

This is the agony of the enlightened. This is probably why “Jesus wept” as the Bible says. From the perspective of the enlightened individual it is devastating to watch the people you love the most refuse your most sincerest opportunities to build. They clearly have eyes but they can not see the infinite connections, parallels, and correspondences of all things existence. They have ears to hear but they can not accept the information you have to offer because it would conflict with their current perceptions of the world, simultaneously changing the circumstance of their ego.

They have a mind that is capable of accomplishing a great many miracles, yet they refuse to believe there is a supreme circumstance within themselves.

Sometimes, the desire to “uplift the people” becomes overwhelmed by the desire to say fuck it. After all, we do live in the information age. We have access to more information than all of our ancestors. What’s stopping “the people” from taking the initiative to learn and discover the science of self for themselves? Why are “the people” waiting on a savior when they have all of the tools within themselves, to save themselves?

Living in a society that embellishes ignorance, glorifies stupidity, and persistently entertains low vibrations is hell for an enlightened mind.

Supreme knowledge, wisdom, and understanding must be earned by the curious mind. That’s why students of the ancient mystery system were deemed “initiates”. It is up to the individual to initiate the investigation into the hidden sciences of life. Those whom are not curious about the nature of themselves and the world around them are a plague to the enlightened. Stumbling in the darkness in a constant state of confusion and chaos, hopelessly running from illusions and trampling the circumstance of every natural thing around them. 

It is heartbreaking to see so much unrealized potential. For the religious person, it would be like seeing God walking around like a human zombie.

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