The Rise Of Melanated Minds: “I Am A True And Living God, Not Your Negro”

The real revolution is the evolution of self.

Your tragic systems of white supremacy forced us to discover a new way to win, to finally be free at last. 

At one point, we may have asked what we believed to be God to help resurrect our dignity as the original peoples of planet earth by liberating us from the murderous campaigns of the caucazoid. To our disappointment, we still find ourselves in the oblivion of subservience and horrific hyper vigilance inspired by the fear of death around the corner, ironically in the so-called land of the free. Who will save us now?

Forced to be your negro, because we have to yet to realize the supreme circumstance within ourselves. Brainwashed by your propaganda to be subservient extras in your fantasies of genetic survival.

From a surface view, it appears we are hopelessly contained within the tentacles of the tragic system of white supremacy. The advancements of technologies have made it practically impossible to do anything without somebody knowing about it. Revolutions and uprising are doomed before they begin, as they are infiltrated and castrated long before justice can be born. Our basic needs for survival – food, shelter, and clothing – are distributed and regulated by those whom have our worst interest at heart. The nostalgic daydreams of our heroes become nightmares as racist media and propaganda distort their contributions, credibility and value. We are defensively naked, vulnerable from every angle and direction to an enemy who will destroy everything in the whole universe if it meant keeping our power and potential suppressed.

This tragic reality has ignited an evolution amongst curious melanated minds. With no place to go, no refuge to find, no savior to help, and no peace to rest in we were forced to choose evolution or death. 

So, in the most sincere and scientific way we looked in the only place left, within. What we discovered created a “disturbance in the force”. Knowledge of self empowered us to see ourselves and the world around us for the first time. To know, understand, and recognize the interconnectedness of everything, on many planes of existence is a different kind of sight. To be able to see the source of the Universe within ourselves. The correspondences between what is up above in the cosmos and what is down below within us are unlimited. We discover that not only do we have the full potential to liberate ourselves from our tragic earthly circumstances, but we are also responsible for the manifestation of the entire hologram we call reality or real life.

We ask ourselves: “Is there not something more than I can do? Is this consciousness a helpless bystander in the universe, or is it the foundation of everything in existence? How can I extract my infinite potential and utilize the supreme circumstance of my mind to manifest peace, power, and abundance?”

And just like that, in the pressure cooker of despair and confinement, an evolution was born. An evolution of consciousness. Think of it as “the mind of the all” waking up to the reality of itself, through the expression and consciousness of all things in existence. We recognize who the original peoples of planet earth are, the science of melanin, the supreme circumstance of the collective consciousness of melanated minds, our relationship to all living things including one another, and how that consciousness within us is the foundation of everything in the Universe. 

The journey of self-discovery is the beginning to becoming a master of the universe. A man with knowledge of himself is unfit to be a slave.

Therefore, we are no longer your negro. 

We are descendants of the original peoples of planet earth, the fathers and mothers of science and civilization. We are the original consciousness that collapsed the infinite quantum waves of the Universe in to the particles with defined states, the original creators of reality. We are undoubtedly the source of this hologram and when we realize and utilize the supreme circumstance of our own melanated mind we shall all see and bear witness to who the true and living GOD is…

We are not your negro, we are GOD. You will forever be ashamed and in perpetual fear of the inevitable justice and balance that is bound to manifest. We are not helpless or subservient, ignorant or confused, distraught or afraid. We finally understand why you tried so hard to keep us dumb, deaf, and blind. We finally see that it is you who is truly afraid that one day God, us, will awaken from inactivity and come to you demanding justice and retribution for reducing our supreme circumstance to that of a negro, a hopeless and subservient captive of the tragic systems of white supremacy.

We know who we are, we are not your negro anymore. 

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