Every Content Creator Should Take Time To “Unplug” From Social Media And The Internet To Heal Themselves From The Mental Collateral Damage Of Hyper Content Consumption

To those who don’t know, my name is Jason Williams and I am the founder and primary writer of this blog. Writing on Trudreadz.com is and has been my passion. After 4 long years of being involved with this blog 24/7, 365 days a year, I decided to take a year off of social media and writing about a year ago. After writing 1 million words on Trudreadz.com, writing “The Book Of Tru”, I was exhausted and it was time to take a break. I had harvested so much knowledge and information but I did not have the time to process it all and develop it into understanding. Just a complete sensory overload. I couldn’t see the forest because of the trees as they say. I really wanted to research and study to quench my own passions as a curious melanated mind but ended up spending more time trying to satisfy my audience with new viral content. Something had to give, I chose to reclaim my peace. Finally, after almost a year, I am balanced and refined. New and improved. Ready to do what I do best.

I never intended it to be such a long break, but once I was separated from the digital reality I found so much peace I did not want to ruin it. I went from being on social media non-stop, to not even having the apps downloaded anymore. Granted, when I was online, I was usually working on content for the site, or marketing for the site. Doing something productive. However, I never anticipated any collateral consequences of hyper content consumption – in other words, mental side effects from spending too much time on the internet. I often found myself extremely restless, unable to relax, and unusually irritable. Silencing my mind became impossible. The massive amounts of content I consumed on a daily basis made it difficult to quiet my mind and hear my own thoughts.

I had to remove myself from the virtual matrix so I could reset my energy, and my mind. I needed to meditate on all of the information I’ve gathered and what it really all meant. I needed to take my own advice that I’ve shared throughout this blog. I needed peace, and I was determined to find it.

During my time away I’ve gained some wisdom that I would like to share about the importance of taking time to “unplug” from the virtual matrix.

I was so involved with the constant promotion of this site on social media that I began to lose focus on what matters most. Writing articles became a chore, rather than an opportunity. I found myself burdened by the aspects of running a successful online business rather then focusing on the creation of quality content that informed and inspired.

Well, after all this time I feel it necessary to return. Not so much to continue where I left off, but to demonstrate my evolution as a writer and philosopher. Looking back, I can see the emotion in much of my writing. A young, angry, intellectual, Black Man, swinging my pen like a mighty sword to infinity and beyond. I suppose my youthful revolutionary spirit had more of a “Killmonger” vibration, rather than the cool and calm Black Panther. That was great as far expressing myself in my writing, but not necessarily effective in proving points or developing a journalistic reputation.

I’ve since learned how to manage this revolutionary energy within myself. I’ve practiced maintaining my energy. Sure I am not a master monk, but I have definitely improved my emotional IQ. This has benefitted me in my personal life, with my family and in the work place. Now, I am in a space of peace and expansion. I no longer live in a place of fear or anxiety about things I have no control over. My focus in on the perpetual expansion of my mind, the greatness of my circumstance, and my power over myself and my life.

As I log back in to my accounts, I see things are more or less the same. Yet my reaction to it is very different. I feel free to come to my own conclusions. Free to disconnect myself from undesirable energies and forces. Free to be controversial and stand on my own determinations. Imagine an invisible buffer, or filter, between me and content I consume. I have learned the art of observation, without reaction. This is the blessing of taking time away from the virtual matrix.

I encourage all content consumers, especially content creators who spend extraordinary amounts of time in the virtual matrix, to take some time every now and then to unplug completely for your own mental health.

Although a year off was a long time, it was well worth it. Now that I have taken the time to develop knowledge into wisdom and refine my own power I feel like a more supreme version of myself. My emotionally stability is not connected to whatever comes across my screen. I can surf through the virtual networks unbothered by the noise, yet focused on my agenda. I have a solid foundation that exists outside the framework of this blog or the internet. My peace within is infinitely expanding.

In closing, I will never again allow myself to drift into the psychosis of extreme content consumption. This is just a blog, this is just the internet. There is a whole world out there that I’ve been reminded of and I intend to live my real life to the best of my abilities and utilize much of the advice I demonstrate in this blog. There must be a balance between the “real” world and the virtual one.

Find your peace.