Who Is A “High Value” Man? A Rich Man Or A Man With A Righteous Character?

According to many of the popular “Red Pill” podcasts, the primary element to a “high value” man is money. Essentially what they say is, in order to qualify as a “high value” man you must be in an upper class tax bracket. There is certainly some truth to this, as a man who earns a substantial amount of money can live a desired lifestyle, acquire resources, and is more suited to sustain a family financially over a lifetime. The rich man is literally valuable. So if we are asking who is more valuable in the most literal sense, a man with money or a many with morals and character, then certainly the wealthy man would be the obvious victor.

However, one must wonder, is there not more to a man than his ability to make money? Is a man’s money the only valuable thing about him? Should a poor righteous man abandon his principles to achieve massive monetary gains in order to become a “high value” man? Should a young boy growing up in the world be encouraged to avoid humanitarian habits in the name of becoming a rich “high value” man by any means necessary? Would you tell your daughter to go out into the world man and marry a rich man even if his character is less than acceptable?

The definition of a “high value” man should extend beyond the parameters of his income. Although, yes it is absolutely necessary for every man to be focused on building wealth and acquiring resources, it is also necessary to understand that with great power comes great responsibility. What good is the man who can afford to buy a kingdom yet does not possess the quality of character necessary to rule it?

I would define a “high value” man as a man with knowledge of himself and mastery of himself. He knows who he is, what he’s doing, why he’s doing it – he has a foundational sense of purpose that is rooted in his very essence. He USES his knowledge, puts it in motion to create new things. A “high value” man earns money as a side effect of his abundance mindset, and uses his gains to further accomplish his purpose in life. He is in a perpetual state of development and evolution, always striving for mastery of himself and the world around him.

“I self law and master, my only plans to expand. I decide in my mind and I make it move with my hands.”

– Lord Tru (Jason Williams)

The truly “high value” man’s external wealth is a reflection of the richness of himself internally. The money is an effect, not the cause. This is important to consider, as we should encourage young men to focus on the development of the richness within as it would inevitably force the laws of attraction to work in their favor – manifesting the riches of the world.

A “high value” man’s wealth is inside and out. He recognizes the infinite riches within himself and uses that circumstance to manifest what he needs and desires to continue the campaigns of his purpose. Those “needs and desires” are expressed in his abundant lifestyle. A “high value” man has more because he is more, at the very least he utilizes more of his potential than his peers. He is self-sustaining and infinitely expanding.

This is how I would define a “high value” man.