We Are God: Our Mind Is The Creator Of Everything In The Entire Universe

The entire macrocosm exists in the individual.

In the words of Hermes Trismegistus “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”. In other words, the entire Universe exists within the human being. Once you begin to accept that in your mind you began to find endless correlations between yourself and the world around you.

The key to recognizing these correlations is understanding that the mind is the foundation of all things in existence. The mind is the beginning, the source, ground zero if you will. Once you can grasp the concept of a “Holographic Universe” you begin to see yourself as the foundation of the Hologram, the source of the reality of life. 

Remember in school when your teacher would drag out that old projector on a cart, turn off the lights in the room, and proceed to place those clear sheets over the projector light so the lesson or assignment could be seen on the wall for all to see? 

Well, try to think of yourself as the projector on the cart, your thoughts are those clear sheets, reality is what is shown on the wall or the white board.

If consciousness is the foundation of matter, then the mind is the foundation of all things in existence. The involution of thought is the evolution of matter. This phenomenon must be true for the larger consciousness system, the collective consciousness of melanated minds, as well as the seemingly independent consciousness of man.

The everlasting projections – the sun, moon, and stars – must be the result of the collective consciousness collapsing the infinite quantum waves of the universe into particles with defined states. Whereas, everything “man made” we see is the result of an individual consciousness doing the same thing but on a microcosmic scale.

It is easy to see how everything “man made” was first born as an idea in the mind. It is not so easy to recognize your subconscious participation of the manifestation of the entire universe. This is the overall point of obtaining knowledge of self. Once you recognize the supreme circumstance of your mind and how you are the projector, the source of reality, you can then look (with confidence) within yourself to find the foundation of all things.

Once you begin to see the foundation of the universe within yourself, your consciousness takes on a dramatic expansion. The correspondences between what is above in the cosmos and what is within you becomes clear. You start to recognize a reflection of yourself in all natural things and phenomena. 

At a certain point, you even begin to see a reflection of yourself in people. Even people you don’t like, don’t respect or get along with. This is because the unified nature of the universe is undeniable and our seemingly independent consciousness is inseparably connected to the larger consciousness system (the mind of the all) which created, maintains, and expands the universe.

We are all extensions of the same infinite universal consciousness experiencing itself, as a mortal being, within a “physical” world that only exists within that infinite universal consciousness. If the mind (consciousness) is the supreme force of the universe, those with knowledge of self will realize their circumstance as God, an extension of “the mind of the all”. Everything is God. Everything in this physical reality is the result of consciousness collapsing the infinite quantum waves of the universe into physical particles with defined states. The real essence of us, our subconscious mind, is the foundation of the infinitely expanding universe.

Discover the real universe within YOU.


Realize the supreme circumstance of your mind and manifest peace, power, and abundance in your universe.