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The “N” Word Has Ancient African Origins Used To Express Royalty, God, And The ‘Original Man’

The word “nigga” or “nigger” did not originate as a derogatory word used in slavery, or from the Latin (negro). It is a word with ancient African origins used to describe Royalty, God, and the ‘Original Man’.


A Human Has A “Hue” (Melanin), Without It You’d Be A ‘Kind Of Man’, Mankind.

There are two types of people in the world, humans and mankind. One can maintain a healthy homeostasis on planet earth naturally, while the other can not survive in Earth’s […]


The Story Of Medusa Is About European Fear Of African Spirituality, Melanin And Black Women With Power

The story of Medusa was created by Greek society to demonize black women, specifically those involved in traditionally African spiritual practices, with the hopes of discouraging race mixing with the […]


White Genetics Professor: Africans Are “Pure Humans”, Caucasians Have Neanderthal DNA (Video)

A Caucasian Genetics Professor explains how Africans and people of African descent are “pure humans”, with no traces of Neanderthal DNA. Meanwhile people of Caucasian and Asian descent have obvious […]