What is trudreadz.com all about?

Up until recently, trudreadz.com has been specifically created to accommodate people with locs or dreadlocks. Every article has been about locs or people with locs in some way shape or form. This will be changing, I believe for the better.

Tru Dreadz is not just a website, it is a movement that is centered around the ever-growing dreadlock community. Essentially a Planet Dreadhead.

This platform was intended to be a platform that celebrates locs and the people who wear them.

After a long 7 months I’ve decided to expand the Tru Dreadz concept into a more useful and impactful platform to the “black” community. Not to say that Tru Dreadz has not been impactful so far, because I believe it has. However there were many topics that I purposely did not write about on the site because it did not fit in with the overall dreadlock theme of the site. This restriction has gravitated me towards growing and expanding the concept of what Tru Dreadz means or rather what I want it to mean.

This site will NOW be dedicated to sharing information, articles, and videos that will help the so-called “black” aka “African American” community on our journey of self-discovery. Debunking lies and propaganda intended to keep us as the only group of people on the entire planet who, generally speaking, don’t know who we are or where we come from. Getting down to the truth of it all, one step at a time. I believe as a people many of us still suffer the psychological consequences of systematic oppression and master manipulation. If we are ever to be “free” then we must find understand who we were, who we are, and who we must be.