Voodoo Empowered Enslaved Africans To Be Liberated From European Colonizers In The Haitian Revolution

The Power Of Voodoo In The Haitian Revolution

Dr. Ben: The 10 Commandments Of The Bible Originate From Egyptian ‘Book Of The Dead’

Yosef Ben-Jochannan (1918 – 2015) – a “master teacher of ancient and contemporary history”, researcher, author and lecturer – also known as “Dr. Ben” stated in African Origins of the Major Western Religions that “the whole concept of a “god” or “gods” came out of the Nile Valley African civilizations thousands upon thousands of years before Sumner” [...]

The Adam & Eve Story Is About The Creation Of Caucasians By The Original Man

"To sum it all up, it does seem extremely plausible that Adam & Eve of the modern Holy Bible was in fact the story of how Caucasians were created or rather "grafted" out the original human gene through a long process of selective breeding in an isolated environment by the Black people who were here millions of years before them."

History Proves Beyond A Doubt That The Original Buddha Was A Black Man Of African Origin

Buddhism, the ancient tradition with over 300 million followers that started 6th century BC was founded by a black man.

Do You Really Think We Will Be ‘Saved’ By Following Religions From Our Oppressors?

Is it cognative dissonance or complete ignorance that makes melanated minds follow belief systems that were created by our oppressors?

The “Golden Ratio” Was Acknowledged By Indigenous Civilizations Before Fibonacci Existed

The "Golden Ratio" is a mathematical phenomena in nature and creation acknowledged by ancient indigenous melanated minds, long before Fibonacci came along.

BBC News Discovers The Original Settlers Of The Americas Had ‘Negroid Features’

A BBC News documentary uncovers evidence suggesting the original settlers of the Americas had negroid features.

The “N” Word Has Ancient African Origins: Used To Express Royalty, God, And The ‘Original Man’

The word "nigga" or "nigger" did not originate as a derogatory word used in slavery, or from the Latin (negro). Various versions of the root word have existed thousands of years in indigenous cultures - negus, naga, ngr, niger, negash and more . The original versions of the word had ancient African roots used to describe Royalty, God, and the 'Original Man'.

National Geographic Proves Elijah Muhammad Was Right About European Origins

Many charged Elijah Muhammad with being a racist 'troublemaker' that had no validity to his claims about europeans and their 6,600 year-old origins, but National Geographic now says scientists have discovered similar findings.

Modern Science Supports Elijah Muhammad’s Yakub Story About The Creation Of The Caucasian Race

"Myth or high science? Is there evidence of Mr. Yakub?"

Batman Originated From The Mythological Mayan Bat God Named Camazotz

The idea and costume of the American Superhero "Batman" can be found thousands of years ago in Mesoamerican mythology about a Bat God named Camazotz.

August Is A Month Of Black Resistance: Nat Turner’s Revolt, The Haitian Revolution, Watts Riots And More…

There is an obvious correlation between the month of August and Black Resistance, Black Revolts, and Black Revolutions.

Thomas Jefferson Raped And Impregnated Enslaved Black Women, This Black Man Is His Sixth Great Grandson

“He was a brilliant man who preached equality, but he didn’t practice it. He owned people. And now I’m here because of it.” - Shannon LaNier

Police Were Created To Catch Runaway Slaves And Protect White Society From Black Revolts

Once you understand that the foundation and historical roots of American Police was to keep 'White' people safe from 'Black' people and to protect colonial slave labor investments then you'll understand why black lives have not, and will never matter to American Police.