The Supreme Circumstance Of Melanated Athletes Like Sha’carri Richardson Inspires The World Time And Time Again

Melanated people - the original people of planet earth - are the greatest at everything, and "they" hate it.

The Real Revolution Is Mental, It’s Won By Using Your Power As A Supreme Creator

Real "Black Power" is utilizing the supreme circumstance of the melanated mind to manifest our own peace, power, and abundance.

Nipsey Hussle’s Prolific Book List Inspires The World To Continue “The Marathon”

These are the books that Nipsey Hussle mentioned throughout his career that brought him knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

The Kybalion Proves Ancient Melanated Minds Understood The Science Of Quantum Physics

The ancient melanated minds of Egypt that investigated the science of self and the universe in the priesthood of Tehuti - authors of the Emerald Tablets, the 42 books of Hermes, and the translated wisdom of the Kybalion (also known as the "7 Hermetic Principles") - knew and understood what scientist now call Quantum Physics [...]

It’s Important For Black Women To Find Peace And Confidence In Their Supreme Circumstance

If you are a returning visitor to you should know this blog stresses the supreme circumstance of the Original Melanated Man and Woman. Unfortunately this information ends up boosting egos more than inducing a serious inner transformation. This leads us referring to ourselves as Gods and Goddesses but having no foundation of science to [...]

Conscious Melanated Minds Observe As White America Falls Victim To It’s Own Violent And Barbaric Nature

Conscious melanated minds rejoice as the tragic system of white supremacy collapses on itself.

Social Media Programs Fear Into Your Mind Through Trauma, Repetition, And Symbols

The virtual matrix of social media constructed and operated by suspected white supremacists harvests our personal data and exploits our human nature to generate wealth and power with the intention of complete social control and ultimately global domination.

Centuries Of Oppression In America Has Created Armies Of Black Revolutionaries Who Fight For Justice, Freedom, And Equality

The economic consequences of the pandemic, and the global protests against the system of white supremacy have expedited a global awakening of melanated minds. The flood of awareness and demands for accountability are dissolving the illusions of "the matrix" at a terrific speed. The global urgency for truth, justice, and freedom is expediting a mental revolution which in turn is changing reality as we know it.

If “Black Lives Matter” Why Do We Allow Rap Culture To Kill More Black Men Than The KKK?

In the midst of ongoing global "Black Lives Matter" protests where melanated people beg and plead with the system of white supremacy to value their life, there are successful black men being murdered by other black people on a regular basis. In particular, young black men. Look at the murders of Scott La Rock (Scott [...]

KRS-One: Boys Have Replaced Real Men In Mainstream Hip Hop

In this classic Dj Vlad interview, which is a few years old now, KRS-One goes in on how 'Real Men' don't exist in this new form of 'mainstream' Hip Hop. Even though this video was recorded a few years ago, it still rings true today. In fact, I think it stands even more true today [...]

Black Children Must Understand That Police Only “Protect” The System Of White Supremacy And Are A Danger To Black Life In America

There has never been a period in American history where the police have been an asset to or a protector of the Black community, and Black children must be warned at an early age of this reality.

Prof. Griff: “The Vote Is Not The Answer To Black People’s Problems In America”

Professor Griff sits down with Brother Rich to discuss Ice Cube's Contract with Black America and why people are so mad.

Quarantines Fuel Obesity Crisis As Half Of Americans Expected To Be Obese By 2021

America was already the 'fattest' population on planet earth before the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns, now trends point towards a 50% obesity rate in the next few years, maybe even by 2021.

Do Most White People In The World Believe In And Practice Racism (White Supremacy)?

"Not all white people are white supremacists. However, if a person who classifies themselves as white, and does not vigilantly seek to end the system of white supremacy in all areas of people activity, for all people in the known universe, and replace it with a system of justice then that 'white person' is a white supremacist by default."

Don’t Let The News, Social Media, And Movies Keep You In “The Sunken Place”

If we don't know who we are, where we came from, and where we are going America will viciously bombard us with lies and confusion that will cause us to fall and stay in "the sunken place".

How You Can Quit Your Job And Generate Income From Blogging About Your Passion

How To Make A Living As A Blogger In 2020