Do Most White People In The World Believe In And Practice Racism (White Supremacy)?

"Not all white people are white supremacists. However, if a person who classifies themselves as white, and does not vigilantly seek to end the system of white supremacy in all areas of people activity, for all people in the known universe, and replace it with a system of justice then that 'white person' is a white supremacist by default."

Don’t Let The News, Social Media, And Movies Keep You In “The Sunken Place”

If we don't know who we are, where we came from, and where we are going America will viciously bombard us with lies and confusion that will cause us to fall and stay in "the sunken place".

How You Can Quit Your Job And Generate Income From Blogging About Your Passion

How To Make A Living As A Blogger In 2020

Should Today’s White People Pay For The Rape, Robbery, And Murder Their Ancestors Committed?

It is a well known fact that white people all throughout history have raped, robbed and murdered indigenous people and stolen our lands. The issue is, the children of these criminals believe that they are not responsible because they didn't physically "do anything". Are they responsible for the rape, robbery, and murder of their fathers?

Africa Has Been The Least Affected By The Virus And Scientists Don’t Know Why

The people with the most Melanin on the planet are the least affected by the virus, imagine that.

The Information Age Gives You The Potential To Be The Most Powerful Human In The Universe

Ready for this? You, the melanated man or woman reading this right now have the potential to be the most powerful human in the entire universe. Here's why. We have access to the knowledge, lessons, history, philosophy, and mistakes of every leader that came before us. Our ancestors did not have that privilege, they did [...]

Use The Blueprint For Black Excellence Left By The Great Ones Who Passed Away

Energy never dies, it can only be transformed. Recognize the vibes...

Kai Greene: “The power of my mind allowed me to achieve what I imagined.”

Kai Greene confesses throughout his career as a professional bodybuilder and beyond that the source of his power is not his muscles or genetics, but rather the quality of thinking that occurs in his mind.

Racist Coworkers Play On Emotions Of Black People To Get Them Fired From The Job

Every 'non-white' person on planet earth (especially black people) who has ever had a job where 'suspected' racists are employed knows good and well how those 'suspected' racists intentionally stir up the emotions of the non-white person so that the non-white person can get themselves fired. Sometimes the subtle racism is much more powerful and [...]

How Can You Trust A System That Destroyed The Planet And Murders Billions Of Melanated Indigenous Peoples Around The World?

The tragic system of white supremacy is the worst pandemic planet earth has ever seen. Bilions of melanated indigenous peoples murdered, sacred lands destroyed, natural resources depleted, millions of species extinct, and you think these destructive systems governed by old white men truly have the best interest of melanated peoples in mind? Think again.

Modern Rap Music Promotes Self-Destructive Behaviors That Delay A Black Revolution

"Bring back self love. Bring back knowledge. Bring back the revolution."

Wake Up: The “Illuminati” Has No Power Except Your Fear Of Them

So called "conscious" black people are still running around talking about what the "Illuminati" is going to do to us, it's pathetic. Are we divine creators or helpless peons bound to subservience?

Dr. Frances Welsing: “White Supremacy” Is Rooted In Fear Of Genetic Annihilation

The system of white supremacy is rooted in the fear of genetic annihilation.

Neely Fuller Jr: Interracial Relationships (Non-White/White) Are A Tragic Arrangement

According to Neely Fuller Jr. interracial relationships between non-white and white people while the system of white supremacy is the dominating force on the planet could only be a tragedy, particularly for the non-white person.