Melanin Is The Most Supreme Substance In The Universe And We’re Made Of It

We are made of the black, transmutable, life-bringing, multi-dimensional, super conductive substance of the Universe.

As Heat Waves Continue, Study Shows That Melanated People Will Adapt To Global Warming

Alexandre Roulin, A Professor in Biology at the University of Lausanne, reports that "melanin may be a major component involved in adaptation to climate warming" and that "dark individuals may be less affected from global warming".

Scientists Discover Melanin Is The Cosmological Constant Of Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity

According to a study done at the Human Photosynthesis Research Center in Mexico by Arturo Solis Herrera and Paola E Solis Arias, Melanin is the explanation of Einstein’s cosmological constant in his Theory of Relativity: "Einstein was sure that the Universe was static, homogeneous model with spherical geometry; and so, in 1917, he introduced into his [...]

Dr. Welsing: White Males Compensate Genetic Deficiencies And Sexual Insecurities With Big, Long, Black Guns

There will never been control as long as big, long, black guns compensate for the genetic insecurities and sexual inadequacies within caucasians males. The obsession with guns within the system of white supremacy is a conscious or unconscious response to the fear of genetic annihilation by way of the melanated masses.

Black People Have So Much Rhythm Because Neuromelanin Is Sensitive To Vibrations And Light

No Melanin, No Rhythm.

More Black People Are Disappearing As The Demand For Melanin Technologies Increases

Melanin is extracted and exploited by the government, scientists, and corporations for technology upgrades, financial gains and military power. Where are they getting the melanin from?

The Biochemical Melanin Found In Black People Is Worth 8 Times More Than Gold

VWR International, an American company involved in the distribution of research laboratory products to over 30 countries in the world currently has Melanin listed for $460 per gram. That is more than the current price of Gold.

Science Proves That Superman Would’ve Had To Be A Black Man With A Lot Of Melanin

If Superman was real, he'd have to be a black man.

This Tech Company Is Producing Melanin To Make Organic Batteries, Shields, And More…

In 2015, River Road Research, a technology development company, was awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to produce melanin from food waste and use it to develop "organic battery technologies". River Road Research claims, "Process will enhance production of melanin for a wide range of business applications as well as reduce environmental impacts of food waste."

Melanin Is Magical: Our ‘Blackness’ Is Not Just A Color, It’s A Universal Frequency!

“Melanin literally conducts or carries information in an intelligent and eventually self aware organism. It underlies the earliest unfolding structures of the brain and its very nature causes it to attract light. It is the finest form of living matter we know, the crude outer sheath of bioluminescence that, when liberated in mediation and at [...]

Scientists Create A New Kind Of Melanin To Protect Astronauts In Space From Radiation

Scientists at Northwestern University develop a new form of Melanin enriched with selenium called selenomelanin to protect astronauts and medical patients from radiation.

These 21 Facts Prove Melanin Is The Most Supreme Biochemical Substance In The Universe

Here Are 21 Facts And Quotes About Melanin From Afrocentric Scholars.

The Power Of Melanin Is What Scares The System Of White Supremacy The Most

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explains in The Isis Papers how the entire system of white supremacy is based on the fear of genetic annihilation byway of the genetically dominant melanated masses.

Scientists Are Using Melanin To Make Supreme Batteries: “The Voltage We Got Out Was High.”

Imagine, a group of scientists figuring out how to make a battery out of your melanin, essentially what makes you 'black'. What does this mean for you?