The Phenomena Of Going Super Saiyan Depicted In DBZ Could Be Achieved In Real Life With Melanin, Controlled Thought, And A Supreme Physique

If you were a kid in the 90's or early 2000's you were more than likely a supreme fan of the cartoon Dragonball Z. The story line, the fight scenes, the training for new enemies, the frequent dialogue about energies and powers, the gems of universal knowledge eloquently crafted into the overall concept of the [...]

The Average Black Person Has Almost $40 Million Worth Of Melanin In Their Body

Every black and brown (melanated) person on the planet is carrying millions of dollars worth of melanin in their body. A 180 pound melanated human is estimated to have over $37 Million worth of melanin in their system.

White People Claim “We Are All The Same” But The Sun Exposes The Truth

There are two types of people in the world, humans and mankind. One can maintain a healthy homeostasis on planet earth naturally, while the other can not survive in Earth's atmosphere without extreme accommodations.

The Navy Is Growing Increasingly Interested In Harvesting Melanin For Military Applications

"Melanin is a pigment ubiquitous in nature and is found in all types of living organisms. Due to its unique physicochemical properties, high biocompatibility and biostability, there has been a rapidly increasing interest in the use of melanin for bioelectronic, biomedical and theranostic applications." - Vibrio Natriegens Production Of Melanin For Chemical Protective Materials - Naval Research Laboratory (2018)

Scientists Seek To Increase Melanin Production In Pale People With Plant Based Materials

Being melanin deficient on a planet that thrives on UV rays from the sun is quite problematic. So much so that scientists are investigating how they can increase melanin production in people whom are melanin deficient (pale people) using plant-derived materials.

Melanin’s Sensitivity To Light And Vibration Is What Gives Black People So Much Rhythm, Style And “Sauce”

You ever wonder why black people and other brown skinned people seem to have so much rhythm, style, and "sauce"? Well, the answer is in the melanin.

The U.S. Army Is Using Melanin For Military Applications: Armor, Weapons, and Energy Storage

Melanin is in high demand, especially for military applications.

In 1920, An English Biochemist Details How To Extract Melanin From Black People

"It was found that if the skin were soaked in boiling water, the outer layer, which contained practically all the pigment, could be readily removed by scraping."

The Science Of “Keeping It Real”: The Melanated Mind Materializes Everything In The Universe

Everything about us is meant to "keep it real", to keep consciously manipulating elements of the universe at will and manifesting thoughts into this dimension according to the inspirations from our minds. In other words, it is the nature of our melanated mind to imagine things and make them "real" on regular basis, including the [...]

High Levels Of Melanin In Skin May Help Black People Resist Coronavirus

Pavel Daryl Kem Senou, a Cameroonian student in China "became the first African person known to be infected with the deadly coronavirus and the first to recover."

A Human Has A “Hue” (Melanin), Without It You’d Be A ‘Kind Of Man’, Mankind

There are two types of people in the world, humans and mankind. One can maintain a healthy homeostasis on planet earth naturally, while the other can not survive in Earth's atmosphere without extreme accommodations.

The Cosmic Consciousness Of Melanated Minds Supersedes “Logic” Based Thinking

Although "left brain thinking" is emphasized and prioritized as a superior mode of thinking by the Eurocentric architects of this modern society we live in, its inability to include cosmic realities in which the melanated masses are biologically equipped to interact with and lack of balance with intuitive "right brain thinking" makes it a handicap, [...]

Scientists Deliver Melanin To Space Station To Test It’s Protective Abilities Against Radiation

If Melanin "has no special benefits" like some people like to say, then why is it continuously one of the top focuses of modern scientific research? Why would they want to use Melanin to protect spacecraft worth hundreds of millions of dollars if all it did was "make people's skin different shades of brown"? (Cover [...]

Scientists Experiment On Melanin To Create Advanced Robots And Implants

Scientists are now doing new experiments on melanin: hoping to discover a way to manipulate the 'transmutable dark matter found in all living things' (melanin) to create advanced - melanin-based - robots and implant technologies. Essentially, using the essence of what makes people "black" or "brown", replicating that biological archetype, and using that research to create the "cyborg" technology, consciously or unconsciously, attempting to even the score between the people with melanin and the people without it.