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Black Women Across America Return To African Spirituality, Leaving Churches Behind To Practice ‘Witchcraft’

More and more black women are rejecting the christian/catholic religion forced upon their ancestors in slavery, and returning to African spiritual practices which some people classify as “witchcraft”. Black people in America, and abroad, are taking claim to their African spiritual practices that were lost in chattel slavery […]

Worldstar calls Rizza Islam “Conspiracy theorist” for exposing danger of vaccinations

One of the more popular websites frequently viewed by the black community,, calls Rizza Islam a “conspiracy theorist” for exposing the danger of vaccinations, especially for the black community. There is more than enough compelling evidence that proves that vaccinations are a dangerous, even fatal. Statistics show […]

Historically Black, All-Male, Morehouse College will admit transgender students in 2020

America’s War Against Black Masculinity Continues… According to a recent article on CNN, “Morehouse College, a historically black all-men’s school in Atlanta, will begin admitting transgender students who identify as men in 2020, according to a news release from the school.” Morehouse College, the only remaining all-male and […]

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