We Are God: Our Mind Is The Creator Of Everything In The Entire Universe

The entire macrocosm exists in the individual. In the words of Hermes Trismegistus “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”. In other words, the entire Universe exists within the human being. Once you begin to accept that in your mind you began to find endless correlations between yourself and [...]

Activating Your Pineal Gland Is The Key To Unleashing The Power Of God Within Yourself

Almost every civilization throughout history has referenced the pineal gland as something of irreplaceable significance. It is mentioned, although code like at times, in ancient texts and structures. Even today, everything from modern day religion to movies reference the Pineal Gland and give you hints or subtle suggestions of its miraculous powers.

‘The Hulk’ Transformation Is Based On The Science Of Kundalini Awakening And Serpentine Energy

There is nothing new under the sun, not even the phenomena of The Incredible Hulk. The characters and backstory may be unique but the underlying science behind Bruce Banner's transformation into The Hulk is ancient. In a nutshell, Banner's transformation is an artificial Kundalini awakening. He accidentally becomes the hulk, not through a process of [...]

The Agony Of Enlightenment: The Spiritual Dilemma Of Being A Light In The Darkness

Cover Art: Theo Croker (BLK2LIFE) Becoming and being enlightened can be an awful scenario when it feels all of your attempts to share that light are in vain. As many would fall victim to the ego from obtaining a circumstance of “enlightenment”, there are many others who see their supreme circumstance as an opportunity to [...]

Your Mind Is The Foundation Of All Things, You Are NOT The “Underdog”

Overall it seems we don't really feel too secure or confident in ourselves as the "G.O.D", (Generator, Operator, Destroyer) some of us claim to be. Hell some of you don't claim to be anything of even mild value or royalty. Why not? Did Jesus tell your ass to be 'meek and humble'? Is that why [...]

The Ancient Secret of Sevens: Alchemical Elements, Days of the Week, and Visible Planets

As written in "The Book Of Tru", everything found naturally in the universe is an external projection of an internal process within the original man or woman. This is why obtain knowledge of self is so critical. When you KNOW that your mind is the foundation of all things in existence you begin to see [...]

“Up & Stuck”: The Science Of Building Momentum With Thoughts & Vibration

A metaphysical look at the viral phrase "up & stuck" and how you can use that science for self-empowerment.

The 5 Stages Of Realizing The Supreme Circumstance Of Your Own Mind

Illustration by IG: @4ideben Realizing the supreme circumstance of your mind is a process of self-development. There are levels and stages of development. At first you can only perceive the information, in the end you completely live it out. The process of self realization could be broken down into 5 stages, or steps. 1. Develop [...]

If You Were Really “Conscious” You’d Be Manifesting Not Stressing

Reaching higher levels of consciousness should empower you to manifest peace and abundance in your life. How could you truly have knowledge of self and the universe and still live in fear and poverty?

The Dark Side Of Becoming “Conscious”: It’s Lonely When You Are The Only Light In The Darkness

Illustration by Max Löffler When you become aware of the inner workings of the world around you it can become overwhelming if you do not also have an adequate level of emotional intelligence. It is not comfortable to be "woke" as they say. There is nothing fun about it, at least at first anyway. Once you [...]

How To Use The Supreme Circumstance Of Your Mind To Manifest Anything In The Universe

The Melanated Mind is the foundation of all things in existence.

Once You Master Self You Become A Supreme Ruler Of The Infinitely Expanding Universe

Master yourself, and master the Universe.

I Am God: To “Fear The Lord” Means Respecting The Reality That Your Thoughts Will Become Things

Respect the supreme circumstance of your mind.

How Will You Play Your Cards? The Law Of Attraction Works Both Ways

Everybody wants to be a God until things start going wrong.