The Agony Of Enlightenment: The Spiritual Dilemma Of Being A Light In The Darkness

Cover Art: Theo Croker (BLK2LIFE) Becoming and being enlightened can be an awful scenario when it feels all of your attempts to share that light are in vain. As many would fall victim to the ego from obtaining a circumstance of “enlightenment”, there are many others who see their supreme circumstance as an opportunity to [...]

The Universal Melanated Mind: The Collective Consciousness Of Humanity Has African Origins

(Cover Photo: Robert Mugge/Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise) What we call matter, at its essence is simply condensed light. Light, and it's various colors and formations are generated by vibrations. Quantum physics would suggest those vibrations are the result of consciousness within an observer. Thus leading one to realize the supreme circumstance of the mind, [...]

How Studying The Supreme Lessons From The Nation Of Gods And Earths Led Me To Occult Science

The journey of knowledge is never ending. There are endless levels of understanding. I take pride in never being stagnant in my learning, adding on continuously. This is the only way to evolve self. In this era of technology where the past can be relived through digital media, it would seem many melanated minds become [...]

The Dark Side Of Becoming “Conscious”: It’s Lonely When You Are The Only Light In The Darkness

Illustration by Max Löffler When you become aware of the inner workings of the world around you it can become overwhelming if you do not also have an adequate level of emotional intelligence. It is not comfortable to be "woke" as they say. There is nothing fun about it, at least at first anyway. Once you [...]