The Universal Melanated Mind: The Collective Consciousness Of Humanity Has African Origins

(Cover Photo: Robert Mugge/Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise) What we call matter, at its essence is simply condensed light. Light, and it's various colors and formations are generated by vibrations. Quantum physics would suggest those vibrations are the result of consciousness within an observer. Thus leading one to realize the supreme circumstance of the mind, [...]

“Africa Looks A Lot Cleaner”: Africa Is One Of The Least Affected By The Coronavirus Outbreak

Although there is a very low number of Coronavirus cases in Africa, this has not stopped Africa from taking extra precautionary measures. One of these measures includes diligent health screenings for people entering Africa to avoid an outbreak on the continent. (Cover Photo: Christine Mhundwa - DW News Africa) "As the coronavirus spreads around [...]