The “N” Word Has Ancient African Origins: Used To Express Royalty, God, And The ‘Original Man’

The word "nigga" or "nigger" did not originate as a derogatory word used in slavery, or from the Latin (negro). Various versions of the root word have existed thousands of years in indigenous cultures - negus, naga, ngr, niger, negash and more . The original versions of the word had ancient African roots used to describe Royalty, God, and the 'Original Man'.

The Modern “Hero” Story Originates From “Heru” In Ancient Egyptian Mythology

The Story of Heru, also known as Horus, is the original Hero story. Hopefully you know by now most things of the modern world have African origins. Science, Mathematics, Astrology, Religions and much more can be traced back to the continent of Africa. Scholars like John G. Jackson, Dr. Ben, Anthony Browder, Ivan Van Sertima, [...]