Dr. Na’im Akbar: Knowledge Of Self Is The Key To Liberation Of Melanated Masses…. (Video)

"The most powerful knowledge of ourselves that was taken away from us was the recognition that God is in each and every one of us." - Na'im Akbar https://youtu.be/gkZRtQxNauA In this clip from a classic Dr. Naim Akbar lecture he goes into "The Power of Self Knowledge". He stresses how we have forgotten the "the [...]

The Cosmic Consciousness Of Melanated Minds Supersedes “Logic” Based Thinking

Although "left brain thinking" is emphasized and prioritized as a superior mode of thinking by the Eurocentric architects of this modern society we live in, its inability to include cosmic realities in which the melanated masses are biologically equipped to interact with and lack of balance with intuitive "right brain thinking" makes it a handicap, [...]

10 YouTube Channels Every “Conscious” Black Person Should Be Subscribed To

Hopefully, you are using your 'smart' phone to do more than make calls, send texts, and browse social media. We live in the information age, there's no reason to have a lack of knowledge. YouTube has proven to be an excellent platform for finding information, especially lectures and speeches that have happened in the past [...]