Organized Black Militias Are Forming Everywhere Because America Won’t Stop Oppressing And Killing Black People

This country was built on systematic racism. That system ensures the likelihood of white genetic and economic survival at the expense of black people, black communities, and black civilizations. Marching and protesting unarmed have resulted in more lawless brutality by police in America. As a result, organized black militias are forming all over this country as a means of survival against systemic racism in America.

Ice Cube’s “Contract With Black America” Provides Solutions To America’s Problem Of Systematic Racism And White Supremacy

Ice Cube created the "Contract With Black America" because he insists "it is time for a complete paradigm in how we run our institutions and how we run our country". Cube says avoiding the opportunity to manifest justice, freedom, and equality will cause the "American experiment" to "come apart at the seams."

Many Major Corporations That Still Exist Today Got Rich From The Slavery Of Black People In America

"The enslavement of African people in the Americas by the nations and peoples of Western Europe, created the economic engine that funded modern capitalism. Therefore it comes as no surprise that most of the major corporations that were founded by Western European and American merchants prior to roughly 100 years ago, benefited directly from slavery." - The Atlanta Black Star

DL Hughley: If You’re White And Poor In America, You Wasted Your Whiteness DL Hughley has a tendency to bring out some raw truth in a calm, casual way. Not too many black celebrities “keep it real” because they may lose endorsements or resources provided by the system of white supremacy, this hasn’t stopped long term comedian and activist DL Hughley one bit. "If you're broke and [...]

Where You Been? America Has Always Believed In Racism Against Melanated People

Stop pretending like the foundation of "America" was not based on the extermination and subjugation of indigenous melanated people by way of the immigrant, melanin deficient, Caucasus cave dwellers. 400+ years later some people have the audacity to act like white domestic terrorism against black and brown people is something new. (Cover Photo: The burning [...]