Prisoners Nationwide Are Being Exposed To Coronavirus And Left To Die

The Coronavirus outbreak has overwhelmed the prison system; causing mass early releases, infected prisons, and abandoned inmates. (Cover Photo: Jorge Colombo/NBC News) Mass Early Releases For "Non-Risk" Inmates The "Infected" Prison System Nick Pinto from reports: "Nationwide, according to Bureau of Prison statistics, the number of positive cases of coronavirus in federal jails [...]

“Africa Looks A Lot Cleaner”: Africa Is One Of The Least Affected By The Coronavirus Outbreak

Although there is a very low number of Coronavirus cases in Africa, this has not stopped Africa from taking extra precautionary measures. One of these measures includes diligent health screenings for people entering Africa to avoid an outbreak on the continent. (Cover Photo: Christine Mhundwa - DW News Africa) "As the coronavirus spreads around [...]

No Symptoms For Black Athletes And Celebrities Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Since the Coronavirus became a global pandemic there emerged this idea that black people may be more resistant to the Coronavirus because of melanin. Soon after, random black celebrities and athletes announced they tested positive for the virus, yet not a single one mentions or shows any physical symptoms. Were these black celebrities and athletes [...]

Where’s Your God Now? The Coronavirus Exposes Religions Around The World

Religious people around the world, who claim their God is THE God, scramble in fear of the Coronavirus. What happened? Thought y'all were saved... In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic religious leaders have abandoned their followers. Churches are closed and religious followers are left to fend for themselves during what's been deemed the crisis [...]

Lord Jamar: The Coronavirus Hysteria Will Make People Sick From Paranoia

"Now you paranoia yourself into thinking you might have some sh* your mind takes over in doing the dirty work for them...killing you, and they didn't have to give you a mothaf*ckin thing other than a thought." - Lord Jamar During episode 109 of the In Godfrey We Trust Podcast Lord Jamar drops science [...]