David Banner: We Should Be Building Our Future Instead Of Wasting Time

"Do We Really Have Time To Waste?" https://youtu.be/Wls3YZIz2m4 David Banner takes time out of his busy schedule to give us some wisdom to ponder on. In this video he suggests that we should be spending our time wisely, building a future for ourselves, instead of wasting time "playing" with technology and gossiping about celebrities. We [...]

David Banner Finally Drops Long Awaited Podcast And It’s Lit

https://youtu.be/VxjKpG5NPDE David Banner, the Mississippi God, recently released his first episode of "The David Banner Podcast" and it is super litty. Based on the first episode it is crystal clear that there is not too many podcast out there that will bring the level of black excellence and cultural integrity that Banner offers on his [...]

There’s Two Types Of Black People America Loves To Pay, Sellouts & Stereotypes

David Banner talks about how he learned through his own experiences in his music career as well as being aware of the culture that the only black people America loves to pay are sellouts and stereotypes. https://youtu.be/Ikkqff3wm10 As long as America is ran by white supremacists, who believe in the complete subjugation and domination of [...]