The Adam & Eve Story Is About The Creation Of Caucasians By The Original Man

"To sum it all up, it does seem extremely plausible that Adam & Eve of the modern Holy Bible was in fact the story of how Caucasians were created or rather "grafted" out the original human gene through a long process of selective breeding in an isolated environment by the Black people who were here millions of years before them."

Elijah Muhammad Taught “One Meal A Day” Way Before It Was Trending

"Many of my followers write and tell me of the results they are receiving from eating one meal a day or one meal every other day. This will produce good results and lengthen our lives. But children should not be forced to fast or to eat once a day or once every other day. Children and babies should eat at least twice a day. If you are now eating three meals a day and you would like to eat one meal every other day, you should not—all of a sudden—change from three meals a day, every day, to one meal every other day. First drop to two meals a day, then one meal a day, and then one meal every other day. It is better to do it this way so that you will not make yourself sick. And if you eat every other day, do not begin your meal with heavy food." (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad - How to Eat to Live, Book One 1967)