Use Ancient Sciences Discovered By Our Ancestors To Develop New Solutions For Modern Problems

It appears that of melanated minds that become "conscious" often become overly absorbed in ancient tradition, rather than understanding the science behind those traditions. We must compile all of the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding we've learned to come up with new solutions to problems and needs we face today.

The Atlantic Slave Trade Story We’ve Been Told Doesn’t Add Up

Once you go deeper in your research you’ll understand how the numbers given to us about The Atlantic Slave Trade have been dramatically exaggerated to cover up the fact Europeans enslaved millions of Africans that once ruled the American lands, re-classified them as Indians and negroes, then convinced the indigenous Africans that their American history [...]

Age Of Locs: More & More Black People Are ‘Going Natural’ In America

Where I'm from, I didn't see a lot of people with locs growing up. Nowdays, it wouldn't be hard to find a dreadhead in even the most non-urban communities. Dreadlocks are everywhere: freeform, manicured (twisted) and everything in between. Is growing locs in America a trend? Or is there something deeper going on here? Well here's [...]