All Of The Occult Sciences Were Developed And Revealed By Ancient Melanated Minds

The science developed and revealed by ancient melanated minds, particularly in the Egyptian priesthoods, has been used to create every major religion and school of philosophical or metaphysical thought. What is Occult science? A general definition for such an extraordinary subject would be: Accumulated and categorized knowledge of the "hidden", unseen forces and processes of [...]

Stop Thinking Like A Slave And Start Thinking Like A God With An Abundance Mindset

Many melanated minds in America and around the world suffer from either post traumatic slave syndrome, or extreme ignorance due to lack of education. This is the intentional and collateral damage from the campaigns of religion and systematic white supremacy. Traditionally, melanated people have always had a culture that infused a high sense of self [...]

Dr. Na’im Akbar: Knowledge Of Self Is The Key To Liberation Of Melanated Masses…. (Video)

"The most powerful knowledge of ourselves that was taken away from us was the recognition that God is in each and every one of us." - Na'im Akbar In this clip from a classic Dr. Naim Akbar lecture he goes into "The Power of Self Knowledge". He stresses how we have forgotten the "the [...]