The Black Man Is The Father Of Civilization, The Black Woman Is The Mother Of Humanity

“Black people are the original authors of all human history. Sounds like a bold claim, something that people often say, but can never fully substantiate. It’s the type of statement that falls in league with “Black people are the mothers and fathers of all civilization” and “All the gods of the world’s religions were originally Black.” These are some bold claims, often made by the excited lip professors and arrogant rhetoric-ologists, but they’re far from untrue.” - Supreme Understanding

The Science Of “Keeping It Real”: The Melanated Mind Materializes Everything In The Universe

Everything about us is meant to "keep it real", to keep consciously manipulating elements of the universe at will and manifesting thoughts into this dimension according to the inspirations from our minds. In other words, it is the nature of our melanated mind to imagine things and make them "real" on regular basis, including the [...]