Centuries Of Oppression In America Has Created Armies Of Black Revolutionaries Who Fight For Justice, Freedom, And Equality

The economic consequences of the pandemic, and the global protests against the system of white supremacy have expedited a global awakening of melanated minds. The flood of awareness and demands for accountability are dissolving the illusions of "the matrix" at a terrific speed. The global urgency for truth, justice, and freedom is expediting a mental revolution which in turn is changing reality as we know it.

Black America Needs A “By Any Means Necessary” Attitude To Attain Freedom

You mean to tell me we can be the original man (the archetype of humanity), build pyramids, bring civilization, explore the entire planet, map out the stars, and be the physical manifestations of the infinitely expanding creative force of the universe but we can't overcome a system designed to prevent the genetic annihilation of melanin deficient, genetically recessive former cave dwellers of the Caucasus mountains? Either we develop a "by any means" necessary attitude and strive for complete liberation or we will remain in servitude and subjugation to a system that has plagued us for over 400 years.