If “Black Lives Matter” Why Do We Allow Rap Culture To Kill More Black Men Than The KKK?

In the midst of ongoing global "Black Lives Matter" protests where melanated people beg and plead with the system of white supremacy to value their life, there are successful black men being murdered by other black people on a regular basis. In particular, young black men. Look at the murders of Scott La Rock (Scott [...]

Don’t Join A Gang For ‘Clout’ Then Snitch When Faced With Consequences

Hopefully 6ix9ine's Story Teaches Youth A Lesson: Joining A Gang For Clout Will Ruin Your Future When You're Exposed For Not Being 'About That Life'. The Hip-Hop world has been buzzing about Tekashi 6ix9ine snitching on his former crew with the hopes of receiving a reduced sentence for his crimes. What makes this so dramatic [...]