Worldstar calls Rizza Islam “Conspiracy theorist” for exposing danger of vaccinations

One of the more popular websites frequently viewed by the black community,, calls Rizza Islam a "conspiracy theorist" for exposing the danger of vaccinations, especially for the black community. There is more than enough compelling evidence that proves that vaccinations are a dangerous, even fatal. Statistics show that black children are affected more [...]

Rizza Islam Urges Black People To Stop Smoking Weed And The Truth About 420

Rizza Islam shares some crucial information which should make any 'weed smoker' at least investigate his claims. I mean, if you really think about, why would the government (the same one who has systematically oppressed and murdered mass numbers of melanated people around the world) legalize a substance that is believed to have such [...]

Rizza Islam: “…by the year 2042 the caucasian population will be the minority in America…” "Black People NEED To Hear This..." I recently made an article about this titled "White People Face Extinction As Birth Rates Are Lower Than Death Rates". Today, I found a YouTube video with the intelligent and charismatic, Rizza Islam, talking about this issue of white people no longer being a 'majority' in America. Check [...]