The Kybalion Proves Ancient Melanated Minds Understood The Science Of Quantum Physics

The ancient melanated minds of Egypt that investigated the science of self and the universe in the priesthood of Tehuti - authors of the Emerald Tablets, the 42 books of Hermes, and the translated wisdom of the Kybalion (also known as the "7 Hermetic Principles") - knew and understood what scientist now call Quantum Physics [...]

Scientists Experiment On Melanin To Create Advanced Robots And Implants

Scientists are now doing new experiments on melanin: hoping to discover a way to manipulate the 'transmutable dark matter found in all living things' (melanin) to create advanced - melanin-based - robots and implant technologies. Essentially, using the essence of what makes people "black" or "brown", replicating that biological archetype, and using that research to create the "cyborg" technology, consciously or unconsciously, attempting to even the score between the people with melanin and the people without it.

Deep: “You are the servant of your higher self until you become your higher self..”

KRS-One drops priceless jewels in this extraordinary 30 minute video clip where the legendary emcee and Hip Hop Icon breaks down some heavy sciences. KRS-One talks about the origin of "God", how to discover your higher self, the power of perception, the royalty of women, major religions, slavery and oppression, the African origin of [...]