Genetic Annihilation: White People Face Extinction As Birth Rates Are Lower Than Death Rates

"All manner of current policy grows out of this panic over loss of privilege and power: immigration policy, voter suppression, Trump economic isolationist impulses, his contempt for people from Haiti and Africa, the Muslim ban, his rage over Black Lives Matter and social justice protests. Everything."Charles M. Blow - New York Times In America, typically [...]

Should Today’s White People Pay For The Rape, Robbery, And Murder Their Ancestors Committed?

It is a well known fact that white people all throughout history have raped, robbed and murdered indigenous people and stolen our lands. The issue is, the children of these criminals believe that they are not responsible because they didn't physically "do anything". Are they responsible for the rape, robbery, and murder of their fathers?

America Wants To Keep Black People Fearful, Defenseless And Subservient

(Cover Photo: KENA BETANCUR/GETTY IMAGES) Since the first European colonizer arrived in Africa and America, it has been the ultimate goal of the Caucasian collective to subjugate and control all non-white people of the known universe due to fear of genetic annihilation by way of melanin - the black, transmutable, life-bringing, multidimensional, super conductive substance [...]

DL Hughley: If You’re White And Poor In America, You Wasted Your Whiteness DL Hughley has a tendency to bring out some raw truth in a calm, casual way. Not too many black celebrities “keep it real” because they may lose endorsements or resources provided by the system of white supremacy, this hasn’t stopped long term comedian and activist DL Hughley one bit. "If you're broke and [...]