Dr. Welsing: White Males Compensate Genetic Deficiencies And Sexual Insecurities With Big, Long, Black Guns

There will never been control as long as big, long, black guns compensate for the genetic insecurities and sexual inadequacies within caucasians males. The obsession with guns within the system of white supremacy is a conscious or unconscious response to the fear of genetic annihilation by way of the melanated masses.

Racist Coworkers Play On Emotions Of Black People To Get Them Fired From The Job

Every 'non-white' person on planet earth (especially black people) who has ever had a job where 'suspected' racists are employed knows good and well how those 'suspected' racists intentionally stir up the emotions of the non-white person so that the non-white person can get themselves fired. Sometimes the subtle racism is much more powerful and [...]

If The System Of White Supremacy Has Created Hell On Earth, Does That Mean The White Man Is The Devil?

From the perspective of black (melanated) peoples whose bloodlines and cultures go back millions of years on this planet, the caucasian man is a relatively new species of man (8,000 - 10,000 years old) that has brought nothing but death, destruction and wickedness to the original peoples of the world and the planet itself. Doesn't that sound like a devil?

Ice Cube’s “Contract With Black America” Provides Solutions To America’s Problem Of Systematic Racism And White Supremacy

Ice Cube created the "Contract With Black America" because he insists "it is time for a complete paradigm in how we run our institutions and how we run our country". Cube says avoiding the opportunity to manifest justice, freedom, and equality will cause the "American experiment" to "come apart at the seams."

3 Reasons Why The Coronavirus Will Be The End Of ‘White Supremacy’

The mysterious virus that has that entire planet in 'time-out' is the Trojan horse that will bring down the global system of racism (white supremacy) that has terrorized the planet and every living organism on it for thousands of years. (Cover Photo: “The Purge: Anarchy.”, Universal Pictures) Dr. Frances Cress Welsing defined Racism (white supremacy) [...]

Where You Been? America Has Always Believed In Racism Against Melanated People

Stop pretending like the foundation of "America" was not based on the extermination and subjugation of indigenous melanated people by way of the immigrant, melanin deficient, Caucasus cave dwellers. 400+ years later some people have the audacity to act like white domestic terrorism against black and brown people is something new. (Cover Photo: The burning [...]